7. Chapter 7

Judging by the setting sun in the sky it was close to darkness. I took the bungie cord and tied it securely and tightly to the handles in the inside of the bus and outside of the bus so the dead ones couldn't join us in our slumber. H drove on the deserted highway as I woke up in a sweat... "Shhh.. K it's okay. I'm right here." I knew that voice... I just had to touch the face of that person.. "it is you but you're dead.. How can this be the dead ones killed you tore your head right off your-" he stopped me before I could say anything. "You were having a nightmare, it's all okay now I'm here I've always been here." Ben said as he kissed my forehead and another face shocked me. "shark! You're alive!" I said as I hugged him happily. "H?" I asked him. "yes beautiful?" He said with a smile. "Are we almost there yet?" I said as I rubbed my tired and sore eyes. "Not quite yet, we've got a three day drive to Orlando and then from there we drive to the navy base in Miami." H said looking at me with a smile. But I saw them, they tore Bens head right off! I witnessed it we all did! Why wasn't everyone agreeing with me that Ben is suppose to be headless and not full of life... I felt a bump on my head and groaned as the pain began to surface. "w-what happened to my head?" I asked confused looking clueless as if I were imagining the whole thing. Nobody said anything they just kept quiet like they had no idea what happened. I patted sharks dog as she laid across my lap. My baby didn't make it... I must've taken my anger out on the wall with my head because there was blood also. I never really realized how many lives were lost at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak. It started out as a simple flu like disease and infested into a whole different type of infection, one that took over your whole body and made you go blind and made your brain one gigantic pile of grey goop instead a sturdy soft pink. Not only does your brain go bad but your blood shifts color from a purplish red to a downright bright red with green puss mixed in. You skin rots and boils like an egg on a sidewalk during a hot summer day. I didn't wanna be in charge of going to get some food from the local grocery store, but when they all voted me in unanimously, I had to cave in, it was mid afternoon and me and H were on food and drink duty, I almost got eaten by a dead one until I cut their head off and I was fine. The fear was still on my face and the feeling of anxiety filled my body. We browsed the isle and stole a bunch of food and snacks, also a whole truck load of water, like 62 bottles of water. H jokingly went behind the counter and stood their. "may I help you?" He asked in a nice voice as he tilted his backwards in a cool kinda way. "Hahaha. Okay enough playing around. H look out!" I said as a zombie limped up behind him, H punched the zombie away with his elbow and shot it straight in the middle of the forehead, the dead corpse fell to the ground with a thud. H backed away and stepped from behind the counter. "let's get going, the others are waiting." H said as he took his backpack filled with stuff and we walked back to the van. The dead ones were getting braver but we were getting closer to freedom and a safe sanctuary.

-Little Miss Sunshine X

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