6. Chapter 6

Nothing made a sound as we walked down the road towards the shop as we kept our eyes and ears on complete high function mode. The difference between a dead one and a human is simple humans don't limp unless they're injured or handicapped the dead ones limp all the time but people are lucky to be able to go out in the daytime because all the dead ones are in hiding. We gathered water bottles, food, blankets and well anything we could scrounge up for our journey east. " let's take this white 11 seater van." H said as he opened up the back and a bunch of rats jumped out as I cried and jumped into Bens arms. "what's that?" I asked curiously. "Back up!" H growled. The black creature came crawling out slowly and then showed it self in the light. "it's just a poor defenseless human cat!" I said picking it up as I held it close as it purred, can we keep it?" I asked Ben. "sure babe." He said kissing my cheek as I smiled. We all hopped into the van with our bags and drove away we shut and locked the doors and windows and sat on the floor until we got out of town. We left before nightfall. H drove the vans as sharks dog sat next to Z and Lou. "Lay down mutt." Z said. "Don't call him a mutt! She's cute dog, come here girl." I said as the dog laid in my lap. Ben patted it happy and kissed my lips. We stopped to fill up the car with gas and stocked up on drinks and food. We found three more teens, one named Rachael, another named Crystal, and a third named Jason. We all continued our journey as we got cold and took out some blankets and cuddled close to Ben. We had about five blankets all together and four blankets Z took over the night drive awake from a day of sleeping. H slept in the passenger seat as we bungie corded the back door shut so no dead ones could open the doors. We stopped about five more times sleeping in the car and eating food and drinking water. We all spent the night at an Abandoned hotel. We rode the elevator up and Ben claimed our bed. "She's sleeping with me." H growled. "She's my girlfriend!" Ben growled back angrily. "She's gonna keep me safe right beautiful." H said as he wrapped his arms around me. "Remember what I said about the chainsaw that still stands." I snarled angrily. "Woah! Calm down beautiful. I'm only offering." H laughed. I flopped down on the bed as Ben stretched. " I'm gonna go take a piss." He said getting up as he walked out the door and out into back of the hotel and starting peeing, he didn't realize he was about to... "Ahhhhh!" Ben screamed as a dead one took a chunk of skin off his neck as he bleed out. I had gone out to check on Ben and brought my handy dandy chainsaw along as I rounded the corner and screamed. The dead one had taken bens head off his body. " You son of a bitch!" I screamed turning on my chain saw as I sawed the zombie into two pieces. "Ben! I love you! I always have and will love you!" I cried as the others dragged me off and put we all piled into the van. I cried as my shoulders shook, Ben was gone, the love my life was dead and decapitated. "I should've looked out for him." I cried as H held me close. " Ben was my whole world and now he's gone! I have nothing left! I've lost my family! My boyfriend! Everything!" I cried angrily. "shhh." H said. "do you know what it's like to watch the one person you have left in your world headless! How do you forget that H?! I don't think I can get over that!" I screamed. "Ben." I kept saying over and over again. Ben was gone. Ben was really 100 % gone and now my worlds completely dark and empty.

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