5. Chapter 5

Time seemed to come to a complete standstill as I watched the love of my life being torn apart by the dead ones, he was the only thing I had left to my world and now I have nothing. "Ben!" I cried out loud. I woke up as I cried it was only a nightmare. "Shhhh! It's okay babe I'm right here." Ben said wrapping his arms around me. "They unchained you." I said kissing his lips. "I gave them each 50 dollars to release me and then took the money and let me go." Ben said as he kissed me happily. That night we made passionate love under the moonlight keeping our moans low so we wouldn't wake up the others. I fell asleep in Ben's arms as he held me close. The next morning two voices woke me up. "Looks like somebody had some fun last night." Z said looking at my blanketed body. "WAKE UP!" H growled angrily. I got up and put on my clothes as H's face filled with anger and jealousy. " Leave her alone Harry, she's scared as it is." Niall said. So Harry that was his real name. "Harry." I said. "Yeah that's my real name but you need to call me H for safety purposes." He said as he smile. "Safety reasons?! What's that suppose to mean?" I asked confused. " Where's Ben!" I growled angrily. Harry looked away but then looked back at me. "Ben is out with Z getting some food." He said as he pointed out the bathroom. "If you need to go, go now." Harry growled. I walked down to the bathroom and found a naked Liam asleep in the tub. I pulled down my pants and underwear and went to the bathroom. Liam woke up as he saw me and smiled. "Good morning beautiful." He said with a yawn. "For god sakes Payne cover yourself!" Harry cried as he opened the door. "Come out when you're done no rush." He said. "I'm done." I said getting off the toilet as Harry viewed my lower area. "What are you staring at?" I asked pulling up my pants and undies. I flushed the toilet and walked out. "I haven't had my period In a couple days, that means... But that can't be." I said out loud. "what can't be?" Liam asked. " I'm Pregnant." I said putting my hand on my stomach. "We're back! How's my beautiful girlfriend today? I've missed you." Ben said as he kissed me on the lips. "Ben there's something I need to tell you." I said looking in his eyes. "Uh oh did you hurt yourself? Are you okay?" He asked worriedly. "Ben I'm fine!, We're gonna be parents." I told him. "Really? That's awesome!" Ben said as he kissed my lips and spun me around gently. " I love you babe." He said as he held my hand. "I love you more." I said back. "You're gonna have a what?!" Harry said angrily. "I'm gonna have a baby H." I said happily. "Boys hold her still I'm gonna cut that thing out of you!" H snarled. "It hasn't even began to form yet! you psycho! Get away from me and my child." I cried hiding behind Ben. "You're not laying one finger on my girlfriend!" Ben snarled angrily. " did someone say baby?" Niall asked happily. "I love babies!" He said as he put his hand on my stomach. "You're gonna be great parents! If you ever need a baby sitter let me know." Liam said. Apparently while we were talking Shark had mysteriously disappeared and never returned. There was only one possible but sad option he was eaten by the dead ones. I know it sounds awful and I'm really depressed about it but he been gone for 24 hours, nobody can last that long out there alone they're very easy prey for them damn Zombies. They're not fast but in groups they're unstoppable. They're like a swarm of bees stinging you after you hit their nest and piss them off. Except these zombies aren't pissed off they're just infected. We needed a cure but the local safe shelter was on the other side of the United States in Florida that would at least take a 4 or 5 days to get their by car from California walking on foot would take weeks. Plus you'd probably get eaten walking these streets, it's better to drive a vehicle cause then you can plow the zombies down like a snow bank in the wintertime with a slow plow. All we needed was ourselves and a car but where would we find one? The auto dealership! Four blocks down on the left side of the road they have tons of cars! Besides why would zombies vacate a bunch of crappy old cars and vans that makes no sense what so ever.

Our plan was set all we needed now was to wait until the sun was in the sky the dead ones hate the sun it burns their skin. So sunrise it was. We were gonna finally escape from this town and join the humans that survived hundreds of them they sent in boats in the ocean, the boats kept them safe because zombies can't swim. They live in those boats stocked with food, water, bathrooms, and bedrooms. All we needed to do was join the last group docking this afternoon and we'd be safe forever. Survival did exist and we were gonna make it out alive just fine.

-Little Miss Sunshine X

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