4. Chapter 4

Keeping calm while being adored by these five strangers was actually kind of nice. Ben hated it with a seething burning fiery rage. I never had this type of love since my family was killed. We were safe for now but the dead ones will find us for sure. I can't exactly predict when but it'll be one day and when they come I'll be ready to slice them with my chainsaw. "Pass me a beer!" Called the one they called Z. "In coming!" Niall yelled as he tossed it and Z caught it. "Touchdown!" H said happily as he high fived Z. " So beautiful how old are you?" H asked whispering in my ear sending chills down my body. "Uh- 17." I said awkwardly. "Are you a virgin?" He asked. "EXCUSE ME?! That's my personal business and none of your god damn business!" I growled angrily. "I'm sorry doll face I didn't mean to make you angry I was just curious that's all, Z grab her a soda out of the cooler." H said. "So where are your parents?" He asked me. "Dead." was all I could say. "Natural causes or did the dead ones eat them for dinner?" H said as he laughed. " Those cannibals ate them while I watched In horror if you keep laughing you'll be the next thing I'm gonna slice in half with my chainsaw!" I snarled.

" I'd love to witness that!" Ben said happily. "Shut up pretty boy or we'll feed you to the dead ones with bacon tied around your neck!" Z growled as he elbowed Ben in the gut. "Ben! Stop hurting my boyfriend you monster!" I growled as I kicked Z in between the legs and he fell to the ground. Z yelped holding his crotch in his hand. "She have Z the kick! Get her boys let's teach this bitch a lesson!" H said as he grabbed my hair and pulled me into a room with a mattress. "Lay down bitch! Move and I'll eat you for dinner!" H said with a growl. I whimpered scared and spread out looking at the ceiling. Hand chains?! Was this a sex chamber or prison cell?! I gulped. "I'm Back, Sit up!" H growled angrily. And that's when I saw it wrapped around his hand. A belt, a leather brown belt! "Bend over!" He growled angrily as I bent over and he slapped my butt with it repeatedly. "say you're sorry." H growled. "I'm sorry." I cried. I walked into the living room and hugged Ben even though he couldn't wrap his arms around me back. "They hurt me with a belt Ben, they left scars!" I cried as I put my head in his chest. " I wish I could wrap my arms around you but my hands are stuck in these stupid chains!" Ben growled fighting in them. " You're gonna hurt yourself doing that." I scolded him. "I can get you out of there so just play it cool and everything will be alright." I told him as I caressed his cheek with the back of my hand. "I love you." Ben said. " I love you too Ben." I said kissing his lips happily. Food water and shelter are the four basic keys of survival and if you don't have one out of the three in this time period you basically screwed.

-Little Miss Sunshine X

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