3. Chapter 3

We packed up the next morning and headed down to the empty town we stopped at the deserted mall and I took some clothes and some junk food from

the counter. We sliced about 10 or 15 dead ones on the way out of the mall. We walked the back way homes as five punk looking boys jumped out in front of us and startled us. "A human girl, the last one alive who's gonna take her first gentlemen?" The leader I presumed said with a dark grin spread across his face. He had brown curly hair and green electric eyes. "Excuse me?!" I growled angrily. "We got a fighter boys, looks like it's a group operation." The boy said as the other four laughed. "Pardon my entrance beautiful, I'm H. This is Z-man, Rocket, Hotshot, and Flash." He said with a smile. "I'm K, This is Ben, and This is Shark and his dog named Lexi." I said annoyed. H cracked his knuckles, "Grab her boys she's ours now." H said as the other four walked towards me. "Grab me I don't think so!" I laughed as Ben stood In front of me. "she's my girl now back off!" Ben growled. "Is that right? I don't think I made myself clear the first time before, she's ours!" H snarled as he took out a knife and pointed it at Ben. "get that thing away from him!" I growled angrily as I stood in between the two guys. "Hello beautiful good to see you again." H said with a smile as he grabbed my hand and kissed it. "Come with us babe, we can give you a safe shelter from those brain eaters, food, a nice bed to sleep in if you don't put up a fight we'll even let these two come with us, what do you say?" H asked extending his hand. I had a choice say no and abandon my childhood friend or say yes and have a safe shelter. I had to say yes no matter how much it pissed off Ben. "Yes." I finally breathed out. "Good follow us." Z said as we walked with them as H held me close, truth was as much as I wasn't afraid of killing dead ones I was terrified of gangs, they kill people who betray them, they take and sell drugs, they smoke and use girls to their advantage to pleasure themselves. I looked at the ground and didn't say much until we got there. " you live in a basement?" I asked strangely. " Yep this is home sweet home." H said holding my hand. " here let me take care of that you won't be needing that in here babe." H said taking my chainsaw and placed it on a table along with a bunch of other weapon and guns. Guns, they have guns... Yikes. I hate just the very thought of the word gun, guns equal death and I'm too young to die. They're probably just used to kill the dead ones. "K, come sit next to me!" H called. I trudged over and slumped down on the couch. "Don't be so sour and dull lighten up!" H said happily. I tried to smiles but my lips wouldn't form one. "Thank you for letting us stay here I really appreciate it." I told him as he sharpened his knife. " it's no problem at all, after all you're the only living girl in the whole universe every other girl is a dead one." He said as the others smirked. "It's not everyday we get to save a beautiful girl like you." Rocket said as he ran hand across my cheek. "Don't touch my girlfriend!" Ben yelled angrily. "Shut up pretty boy." Z said with a laugh. Ben blushed and then pouted. "Don't worry you're safe and sound here luv." H said as he held my hand. That's exactly what I needed safety and security. They both made me feel more at home.

-Little Miss Sunshine X

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