2. Chapter 2

We trekked through the woods looking for some kind of abandoned lake house. Instead we stopped at an still in tact mansion/lake house. I gave Ben a baseball bat as a weapon just in case of the dead ones. I played my music so it would attract the dead ones. There made their appearance in under 10 minutes and all were slaughtered in a matter of seconds. "At a girl." Shark said happily. "Thanks." I said as I blushed happily. " Not you kid, that dog." Shark pointed over at the corner as there was a dog hiding underneath the desk. It was a normal in shape looking dog. At first the dog growled but then grew happy and ran at us happily. " Lexi!" Shark said happily. "You know this dog?" I asked curiously. "Yeah she's my dog." Shark said patting her happily. "Come on girl." Shark called as the dog followed behind him. We killed about five more dead ones including Ben who killed his first two which were unsurprisingly girls, talk about a heartbreaker. "Good Job Ace!" Shark said as he patted Ben on the back. " Umm.. Thanks?" He said strangely weirded out. Shark raided the fridge first thing. A grin grew across his face. " Look what I found." He cried out loud. "Food glorious food!" I cried happily hugging it. " Hugging it really? it's that really necessary." Ben laughed. "What? I haven't eaten food in weeks. The last thing I ate was a squirrel." I growled putting it on the table. " You don't look like your starving kid." Ben said poking my rather large tummy. "Are you calling me fat?!" I said defensively as my face turned red. "No, not at all." Ben smirked as he laughed. I elbowed him in the gut as I growled angry. "Haha! She got you good." Shark howled. "I'm gonna get her back." Ben smirked as I ran down the hallway as Ben picked me up and spun me around laughing. " Put me down you big hooligan!" I snapped. He put me down and put his hand in mine. We ate food, laughed and told stories. Shark told us his adventures as a navy captain and about all the people he pumbled. "Very interesting, now pass the bread." I said as I stuffed my face with food. "Slow down you're gonna choke!" Ben said concerned. I swallowed the food and drank some water. Ben sat on the porch looking out at the setting sun. " I wonder if my parents are still out there somewhere." Ben said. My eyes filled with tears as I began to cry. "I'm sorry about you parents K, they loved you." Ben said as he held me close. "I know they did, if only they hadn't left the house when I told them not too they'd still be here, GOD DAMN IT!" I snarled upset. "It's not your fault they left it was their choice K, you did all you could." Ben said holding me close. "DID ALL I COULD?! I should've sacrificed my own life for them they meant everything to me Benjamin!" I snapped. "IT'S BEN NOT BENJAMIN!" He growled back angrily. I walked back into the house I slammed the door shut angrily as I trudged into the kitchen. I took the picture of my family I kept in my pocket to remind me. "I miss you all." I cried as I ran my thumb over the photo as I refolded it and put it back in my pocket. "Whatcha looking at?" Shark asked standing next to me. "A photo of my once alive now zombiefied family." I said as I wiped the tears from my cheek. "I'm sorry kid." Shark said hugging me. "Ben doesn't understand! He has parents still alive as far as we know and I'm left by my self it's shitty! I have no mother to talk to and father to lecture me about boys and how they're dirty little animals. I miss have arguments with my older sister and then making up afterwards by shopping or something like that." I cried as I looked out the window. That night we boarded up the windows and bolted the doors as we slept in complete darkness to hide out the horrors of the night time feedings going on. Being out there at night time Isn't the smartest thing to do, nighttime is the dead ones feeding time, if you're out there wandering be prepared to become an all you eat human buffet with you as the main course. Daytime is the best time to go outside, the dead ones hate the sun and stay in the darkness until the sun goes down and darkness fills the open sky. Ben sat next to my sleeping body as he held my hand. For now we just spent the night there in the morning we were off to get supplies in town. Essentials were the number one priority if you wanted to survive in the type of environment.

- Little Miss Sunshine X

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