10. Chapter 10

Song in this chapter: Centuries By Fallout Boys

We had arrived at Our rooms. H and Ben practically beat each other up for the chance to share the room with me. Right now I was pissed off at Ben. H knew it and Ben have in. Ben gave me the cold shoulder and H satisfied at his victory flopped down on the mattress. "Looks like you're stuck sleeping with me babe." H smirked stripping naked. "Oh god, please put some clothes on." I said grossed out turning away. "Sorry no can do I sleep naked." H said with a smirk and a chuckle. "Come sleep next to me babe." He said patting the empty side of the bed. I wouldn't sleep with him even if they offered me all the money in whole damn universe! "No thanks, I'll take my chances on the floor." I said as I set up my bed. "Please tell me you're joking, you're not actually gonna sleep down there are you?" H asked a he raised an eyebrow. "I can and I will." I said giving him a stare back. "Fine then be that way, I'll just find somebody else to sleep with me there are plenty of hot women in this building that die to get with me" H said sitting up in bed. "I'll sleep with you hazzabear!" Flash said as he jumped into H's lap. "Lou, we've been over this a thousand times, chicks not dicks." H growled as he pushed Flash off his lap. Flash whimpered from the pain of rejection. I had a plan to piss off H as well. "Hey Flash, How would you like to sleep with me tonight?" I asked him batting my eyes flirtingly. "score!" Flash said jumping into my homemade bed. H's cheeks flushed red with anger. I smiled in satisfaction, to piss of H even more that night. Yes, I know this was wrong... But I did it anyway, I screamed out flash's name while he pounded the shit out of me... Boy was H pissed off. That morning I got up and looked into the mirror and smiles satisfied of the giant hickey on the left side of my neck. Boy did it hurt, but it was so worth it. Seeing H full on red like a tomato with rage was amusing. He wouldn't hurt me anyway would he? Nah, he wouldn't guarantee it. The fight for survival was getting more and more challenging with each day bring even more dead ones to the shelter and threatening out well being. The whole camp was on mandatory steel doors and windows lockdown mode. The TVs turned to blue screen with remain calm flashing on the screen is big bright red letters that were capitalized and bold.

The boys were all my room as we huddled together and held our guns close. Z got up and shot the door down and we all ran out to help with our weapons I fully loaded my chainsaw with gas and started it fast and began my job. " You we're suppose to stay inside." lieutenant Smithsfield said as he looked at us. "We never back down to help others in need especially in these cercumstances." H said as he took out his giant machine gun and began firing off continuously. We had to keep fighting off these zombies. Survival is very important if you wanna stay a living, walking, breathing, human.

- Little Miss Sunshine X

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