1. Chapter 1

Since this world has become a shitty wasteland of desolated cars and empty buildings and not a person around the streets that's because the only species that walk these dirty roads are the dead decaying remains of our loved ones and people you didn't know but you wish you had the chance to say goodbye before their brains were all over the floor. At first I was always against cannibalism, the though of people eating the dead or dying bodies of others for survival made me sick just thinking about it but living in this time period it's all about living or becoming one of them. I was a big sister and a daughter of two parents but they took my parents and killed my little sister right in front of me, now it was just me and my mentor named Shark. I'm K, and the other thing on me is four bottles of water, a blanket, some clothes I took from my closet and my chainsaw. Shark reminded me of a mix between a biker and a wrestler. He had a wife but she was killed in a car accident three years ago. He keeps tabs on me like I was his own daughter. He has a tattoo of a rocket on his left shoulder. His weapon is an axe he took out of the abandoned warehouse store on east end. We walked quietly as he stopped me from in front of his body. "shhh! I think we've got a dead one." He said quietly as he peaked around the corner. "Awwh, It's a damn Pussy Cat! let's kill it for food!" He suggested. The cat turned around as we noticed half it's face was melted off and his bone was showing on his left side. His eyes were just blood veins. "Uh- I don't think you wanna.. Eat that." I suggested. It began limping at us as it hissed and then lunged at Shark as Shark whipped out his axe and sliced the poor creature in half, my heart filled with pain but he had to go he was infected. "Shhh! I hear footsteps." He said pushing me up against the wall with his hand. Suddenly a knife was lined with Shark's neck. "So I'm not alone." The voice said. I looked up and saw someone I though was a dead one but was still fully human and in one piece. His hair was the same color, he had tattoos and a strong muscular build. "Ben?" I asked shocked. He looked at me and then smiled. "You're alive!, I thought you were one of them out there roaming the streets. I can't believe you're here! How long has it been since we've last seen each other?" Ben asked me curiously as his eyebrows rose in surprise and happiness. "Uh- it's been a little over 3 years." I said rubbing my foot in the dirt, trying to keep eye contact. Ben and I are still officially a couple, We never broke up before the outbreak started spreading across the globe. People panicked and hide in their homes and then when they tried to run they became bait. Suddenly we heard a moaning coming from ahead of us, we turned around to see three dead delapitated faces and torn up cheerleader outfits as they lipped towards us. "looks like we've got company, I've got this one." I said as I started my chainsaw and stepped out and walked towards them, " take this you flesh eating bitches!" I said decapitating the first girls head from her body as I swung my chainsaw at the other two splitting their bodies in two pieces one from the head down and the other from the waist. I pointed my chainsaw forward as I looked at the both of them. Ben's mouth fell open in shock and shark clapped approvingly. "that's the best zombie slaying I've ever witnessed you're getting better everyday!" shark said as he patted my back. I shut off my chainsaw and wiped off the blood using one of the girls shirts. "You... Just did that?! Woah." Ben said surprised. "This is what you have to do if you wanna survive out here." I told him. And that was the one goal out here for humans left, survival. Survival was the key to saving life.

-Little Miss Sunshine X

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