Independence Day

*warning this is a sequel to Gotta Get Out if you haven't read it yet go read it before this!!* "i don't care" i yelled "please forgive me" he begged "I'm over this, I'm over you. so get out" i yelled at him and he left back to America


1. Prolog

we were just standing there in my living room yelling at eachother

going at it neck and neck about how dare he

he begged and begged for forgiveness 

"​i don't care" i yelled 

"please forgive me" he begged 

"no..I'm over this I'm over you" i yelled at him

and he went out that door to return back to america

​with my backstabbing family 

​good riddance 





hey guys so this is just the start of the sequel to Gotta Get Out i hope you'll enjoy now remember if you haven't read Gotta Get Out then go read it now!!! xoxo ~jessica 

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