The Ruthless

"Wanna go on a smoke break?"


1. Prologue


"Oh wow, so you smoke too?", I ask as I grab a cigarette out of my purse, glancing up at Harrison as he lights his cigarette. 

He before he inhales he glances over at me, "There is a lot you don't know."

I snort at his remark, "No, I don't think so I have you all figured out."

"Oh really?", He asks then blows smoke onto my face.

"Where do I start?", I ask glancing up at him with a sarcastic smirk. "Why don't I start with you are a jerk who always gets what he wants because daddy pays for it. You don't get any consequences because you are just all that and everyone loves you." I take a puff of my cigarette then look back at him. "Well not me. I am not going to fall for your pathetic act of charming. It's annoying and all its going to get you is a beer belly and a STD." 


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