The Ruthless

"Wanna go on a smoke break?"


3. First Day

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I groan trying to find my alarm, trying to find the snooze button before I realized, shit it is my first day. I rub my eyes, before regretfully getting out of bed. Thoughts of Jake come rushing to my head once I hear my phone ring. I almost trip over some clothes just trying to get to the phone.

"Hello?", I say a bit to fast.

"Um, yes this is Margret, from William Publishers, I was just making sure that you remember it is our first day.", I could probably feel her fake smile from here.

I clear my throat, "Yes, I remember. I'm just about to walk out the door."

"Okay! See you at the office.", she hangs up and I practically run to the bathroom. My appreance almost astonishes me. The bags under my eyes look like they grew. Do I really look like that?

I turn on the sink, getting some cold water in my hands, splashing it onto my face. I rub the leftover makeup from yesterday off then dry my face with the towel. I look back up, looking a bit more like myself. I quickly put my hair up, in a somewhat professionally looking bun, before putting my regular makeup on. Which is just foundation, blush, concealer, and mascara.

I take a breath, feeling as I moved to fast. All of a sudden I just felt tired. Like the world had drained me of everything I am. Jake was stuck in my mind. He was the god damn reason I applied for this job. He was right, it was perfect for me. I get to read books all day, going over them, picking which should be published and which ones shouldn't.

But all I am thinking about is his voice. The way he would tell me that he loves me, that I'm beautiful. It's just been two weeks and I just want to hear him. But yet all I hear is his echo,"This is not love."

I snap out of it for enough time to continue getting my clothes on. My feet quickly wiggle into my heels then I grab my bag, heading out the door.


"So what you will be doing is going over these epilogues. Editing them, making sure they are perfect.", The older lady, Margret said to me.

I nod, "Okay! I'll get right to it."

I sit down in my new desk, getting out my music, putting the headphones over my ears. Then I begin to work. Reading over and over faster and faster. Suddenly I get interrupted by a knocking. I look up seeing a man, about 20-21, very handsome. His black hair was perfectly messy, he was in a suit, not a formal one just a work suit. I take my ear phones put, "Yes?"

"I'm Harrison Williams. I'm the boss here.", He smiled, his pearly whites almost blinding me.

I stand up to shake his hand, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Williams."

"Just call me Harrison. My dad is the one you owns this business, I'm just the boss while he is gone." I nod in understanding as he continues, "How's your first day going?"

I smile, "Yeah it's been going great. I'm Audrey."

He ignores me and says,"What have you finished so far?"

"I read over 15 epilogues. I Put them in pils on which ones are good and which ones aren't and-"

He stops me, "That's not your job. Your job is to edit them. So edit them making all of them good."

I nod, "I'm sorry I just thought thats what Margret meant."

"Well that wasn't what she meant, so get back to work.", He turns around walking out of my office.

I sigh grabbing the pile of good and bad. I read them again, and edit them, all of them. My hand started to hurt, I've been writing for hours. I look up at my phone seeing that it is about time for lunch. I bite my lip, debating if I should call Jake or not. I shouldn't but I want to.

I grab the phone off my desk, dialing his number, then putting the phone to my ear. The rings went on endlessly till it went to voicemail. I sigh and decide to leave one, "Hey, remember me? I think we should really talk. I mean we did but I want to explain myself. I started my job you made me apply for. Its fun, except for the ass of a boss. I miss you. I love you Jake."

I press end, setting my phone on the table. I rub my head, wishing the stress headache would go away. But suddenly I was jolted up with the sound of a knock on the door. I get up opening it seeing Harrison. 

I fake a smile, "Yes sir?"

"It's your lunch break, but before you go, I wanted to make sure you did it right this time."I nod as I walk back over to my desk handing him the epilogues. He smiles, "You can go now."


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