The Ruthless

"Wanna go on a smoke break?"


4. Coffee?

As the day ends, I start picking up my stuff. The day went by fast, mostly because of all the shit I had to do. This boss is probably going to be the death of me. I finally get all my stuff together. As I push open the door, I collide with someone, making me drop my bags.

"Shit!", I drop to the floor, scrambling to get my bags not even looking up at the person who I hit.

I keep trying to look for my folder, but I look up and see my boss holding the folder. I mentally slap myself multiple times as I get back to my feet. He hands me the folder, smirking at me, "Watch where you are going next time." He says a bit harsh.

I nod, turning around walking as fast as I can to the elevator. As soon as it opens I get inside, leaning against the wall. I close my eyes, god how can I be so stupid? I hear my phone ring and I pull it out of my purse.




I press accept so hard I almost dropped my phone. Once I put the phone up to my ear, I faintly whisper, "Hi."

"Audrey?", his voice harsh asks.

"Yeah, sorry I'm in an elevator.", I say as an excuse of my quietness, even though no one was in there with me.

He clears his throat, "Well you said in one of your messages that you have some of my stuff?"

"Oh..yeah I do. I was wondering if you want me to take them to yours or you could come pick it up?" 'Please say that you want to pick it up', I thought.

He sighs, "Well I'm going out so if you could drop it off at my door that would be great."

"Oh yeah, I can do that.", The wave of silence was almost burying me into the ground. I sigh, "How have you been?"

"Fine. I have to go. Bye Audrey."

He hangs up and I continue walking to my car with my heart dragging behind. I get my my car, getting inside. Almost instantly, I put my forehead on the steering wheel. I start to cry. I'm not crying over him not telling me he would pick it up. I'm crying on how bad I screwed up. I really fucked up. I lost him and it is killing me. 

I life my head up and just hit the steering wheel, "Fuck!"

Once I wiped my tears away, I start the car. The radio was barely audible, I turned it all the way up blaring James Arthur. As I drive home, I don't feel anything.

I'm numb.

If I crashed, I wouldn't feel it. All the feeling in my body just drained out, knowing that it is over.

After I park infront of my house, I grab his stuff from inside. The things were little things, just some shirts, his cologne, and some other things. I put the box in my back seat, before I start heading his way. 

Our conversation from that night replayed in my head. Over and over again, I could feel my heart breaking. We were going to get married. He was the one, but I fucked it up.

The familiar road that use to bring a smile to my face, made me sick to my stomach. I pull into the apartment driveway, parking by his building. I really need to talk to him. I grab a sticky note and a pen writing down, 'Coffee?'. I put it on the top of the box and I take it up the stairs. I glance at his door, remembering how hard I pounded on it. As I set the box down, I knock slightly, no answer.  I sigh, but before I could walk down the stairs I hear a door open, I look back seeing Jake. My knees get weak as our eyes looked into each others.

"Hi.", He says softly. His eyes were bloodshot, which worried me.

I softly smile, "Hi."

He takes the sticky note off the box, reading it aloud, "Coffee?"

"Oh yeah, I just thought we might could know?", I swallow hard, trying not to be to nervous. I broke him, I could see it.

"Audrey, I don't think so. I don't want any contact from you. Not after what you did."

I shut my eyes looking to the floor then back at him, "I get it. I understand."

He sighs, raising his voice, "I don't think you do Audrey! What you did was fucked up! I thought I knew you."

"I'm sorry.", I say sincerely.

He sighs, "Just go, please."

I nod, turning towards the stairs, then looking back at him, "I love you."

"No you don't.", He says sharply, going back into his apartment slamming the door behind him.

I flinch at the slam, but continue down the stairs. Once I get to my car, I start heading toward home, trying not to cry. I can't keep crying about this. I made a huge mistake. A huge mistake. But I need to move on, and let him move on too.







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