Blinded // Hood


9. 9

Blinded 9


"Ariana!" Luke shouts.

I turn my head. "What?"

"Stop." He says.

"I'm not doing anything." I reply.

"Yes you are. Now get back out here and eat some smores!" Luke says and smiles.

"I'm not hungry." I sigh and rest my head on the table.

"Ariana..get out here." Luke says warningly.

"Why isn't she coming back out?" Calum asks sadly.

"Luke. I'm not hungry." I repeat and bite my lip, trying not to cry. I cry a lot, obviously. And about the dumbest things.

"Then at least cone out here and sit with us. Please." He says softly.

I sigh shakily and get up, walking outside.

I sit on the floor again, next to Cals chair.

I rest my chin on my hands and watch Luke roast the marshmallows.

"Are you sure you don't want one Ari?" Luke asks quietly as he starts making a smore for Cal.

"I'm not hungry." I whisper and look away from him.

He sighs and shakes his head.

I sigh too. I look up at Calum who's eating the s'more Luke made him.

"Calum?" I ask softly.

"Yes?" He turns towards the sound of my voice.

"When you get your eye sight back..promise me you won't leave me. Because you don't like the color of my eyes, or the shape of my nose. Or my big stomach or tongue." I choke out and hold back tears.

"You're tongues big babe. But I won't leave you." He says. My lip quivers.

"Stop reminding me about it!" I yell weakly and run into the house. I sit in the room near the front door and stare at my phones blank screen.

I stick my tongue out and look at it again. I then run into the bathroom and pull up my shirt, sharing at my stomach and hips. Tears rush down my cheeks. I quickly run out of the bathroom and into Calums room, grabbing the shirt he told me to keep and leaving out the front door, sitting in the driveway. I hold my head in my hands and try to decide if I want to call my brother or not. I unlock my phone and stare at it for about three minutes.

Just as I'm about to call Jackson, I get an incoming call. From Calum.

"H-hello?" I answer quietly.

"Ariana? It's Luke! Where are you?" He asks frantically.

I sniff. "I-I'm out front. Waiting for my brother." I lie.

"Ari! No." He says and I start to wipe my cheeks.

"What? Why do you guys care?" I whisper shakily.

The front door opens and Luke runs out while leading Calum.

"Please let me leave." I choke out and cover my face.

"Ariana! Where are you baby?" Calum reaches to the opposite side.

I sniff and Luke guides his hands to my shoulders. "Please." I repeat and look away from both of them.

Calum wraps his arms around me. "I'm so sorry. I'm so mean. I shouldn't have said that."

I shake my head a little. "I want to go home. I need to.." I trail off. I can't tell him about my cuts. He wouldn't understand.

"Babe." Calum pulls away. He takes his fingers and touches my lips, probably finding them, before pressing his lips against mine.

I can taste my tears that are falling from my cheeks onto our lips. I hesitate to kiss him back for a few seconds before finally giving in and kissing him slowly.

"I like your tongue." He whispers in my mouth and gently lays me on my back.

I smile a little and wrap my arms around his neck. "The grass is cold." I giggle as he positions himself on top of me.I feel him smile against my lips.

He brushes his fingers up my arms. "You're so beautiful Ari."

"You don't know that." I whisper.

"Yes I do. You sound beautiful. And you feel beautiful, and your so nice to me. You're beautiful, no matter what you look like." He whispers back.

"I lo-I like you." I say

"I like you too." He says softly and kisses me again. He must not have heard me. Thank god.

I move up a little so he can kiss my neck.

He kisses down my jaw and to a spot under my ear. He kisses it gently and I gasp.

He chuckles and starts to suck on it.

"Calum." I moan and turn my head to the side so he has more access.

"Okay! That's enough." Luke pulls Calum off of me and helps him up.

I sigh and so does Calum. "I-I think I want a smore now." I whisper shyly and grab Calums hand. "Please."

Luke smiles and runs into the house, me following him and Calum being led by me.

We walk back into the backyard and I sit Calum down in the chair. "Sit on my lap please." He whispers and reaches his arms out, looking for me.

I sit on his lap slowly and smile.

"Are you facing me or the fire?" He whispers.

I turn a little bit. "You."

He smiles. "Hi baby."

"Hi baby." I repeat and lay my head on his chest.

He runs his fingers through my hair as Luke starts to make me a smore. I kiss Calum's chest a few times.

I close my eyes and fall asleep before Luke is finished with my s'more.


"Please." I cry and back up against the wall. Calum follows me and gets in my face.

"I hate you." He spits and connects his hand with my cheek.


I jump awake as soon as he hits me in my dream.

I fall off his lap and hit my head on the floor. "Ariana!" Calum yells and Luke runs out of the house.

"Ariana! What happened? Luke what happened?" Calum asks frantically and reaches for me.

I hold the back of my head and look at Luke. "I had a bad dream. Calum slapped me. H-he got his eyesight back and didn't like me."

"Ari.." Luke runs towards me and helps me sit up.

"I-I wouldn't hit you.." Calum whispers sadly.

"I-it scared me." I say. "He told me he hated me."

Calum frowns and shakes his head. "No. No baby. Baby I wouldn't hurt you. I don't hate you."

"Can we all go to sleep. In your room Cal?" I ask quietly.

He nods and reaches for me. I stand up and walk into his arms.

He wraps his arms around me and Luke leads us into Calums room.

I lay down on Cals bed and pull him down with me.

He wraps his arms around my waist from behind.

He buries his head into the back of my neck. "Tomorrow..can we go out to dinner? Just me and you?" He asks against my skin.

"Yeah." I whisper and smile. "Like...a date?"

He nods. "Yeah. A date."

I smile wider. "Goodnight Cal."

"Goodnight Ari." He whispers.

I feel his eyes close and his eyelashes tickle the back of my neck. Luke gets in the bed and smiles at us. "You guys are cute." He whispers.

I smile. "Why are you like..on the edge of the bed?" I ask.

"I don't want to intrude." Luke says softly and smiles a little.

"You can come closer. There's a giant gap." I giggle.

He scoots a little closer and smiles wider. "Thanks."

I smile and grab his arm. "Cuddle with us."

He chews on his lip. "I don't know.."

"Please." I interrupt him.

He sighs and wraps his arm around Calum and I.

"Thank you." I smile.

He nods and I close my eyes.

"Night, Ariana." Luke whispers.

"Night...Lucas." I whisper back.

He chuckles a little and I fall asleep.

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