Blinded // Hood


7. 7

Blinded 7


I suck lightly, trying to get a reaction out of him. He bites his lip and moves me off of him and hovers over me.

"Guys.." Luke warns and I roll my eyes.

"We're just kissing." Calum says quietly and smiles at me.

I grab the back of his neck and push my lips against his.

He kisses me roughly and pulls at my lip a little. I wrap my legs around him and tangle my fingers in his hair.

"Pull." He whispers. "Please."

I tug on his hair and tighten my legs around him.

He groans quietly and bites my lip.

"Cal.." I moan a little and reach down to unbutton my shorts.

"Guys." Luke says again.

I pull away from Calum and look at Luke. "Yes?"

"No. Sex." He says slowly.

"Luke.." I whisper and look away. "We're just making out."

"You're unbuttoning your pants." He chuckles.

"Luke. Just because Beth left you doesn't mean I'll leave Calum." I snap.

"That's not what I'm saying." He whispers.

"What do you think I am Luke? A slut!" I say with hurt in my voice. "I'm not like that."

"I know you aren't. I'm worried about Calum!" He says loudly.

"Why?" I ask him. "There's nothing to worry about Luke."

"He's like my little brother. Even if he's older. I'm worried about him Ari." Luke whispers.

"Okay. We won't do PDA in front of you." I whisper back.

"Okay." Luke says and smiles. Calum groans in frustration and rolls off me.

I sigh and turn the opposite way of them. Luke hooks us up, yet he doesn't want us kissing.

"Don't be mad Ari." Luke sighs.

"I'm not Luke." I reply. "I just like the wall." I shrug.

"No, your mad." Luke says and turms me back over. "Don't be mad."

"I'm not. The wall is my other boyfriend." I say.

"Hey!" Calum chuckles.

I lean into Calum to peck his lips but sigh.

"What's wrong?" He asks sadly.

"Nothing." I whisper and bury my head in his chest.

"Don't be sad. We can kiss more tonight. Are you staying over again?" He whispers so Luke can't hear.

"Yes, I'm staying over." I reply.

"Good." He whispers and wraps his arms around my waist.

I smile and inhale his scent. He smells like an amazing mixture of fruit.

"You smell good Cal." I whisper.

"Do I?" He chuckles and I kiss his cheek.

"I don't think Luke likes me very much." I whisper.

"Why do you say that?" He whispers back.

"He doesn't want us..kissing. He probably won't want us cuddling next." I sigh.

He shakes his head a little. "I won't let him tell me what to do Ari."

"I don't want him to hate me though, either." I say.

"He won't hate you. He's just jealous that the blind kid got a girlfriend." He whispers and smiles.

"The blind kid makes me very happy." I poke his nose.

"You make the blind kid very happy." He smiles wider and I peck his cheek.

"I'm glad." I whisper. "Do you remember what Luke looks like?"

"A cocky son of a bitch." Calum chuckles and Luke punches him playfully.

I giggle and lift myself onto Calums lap.

"I remember he's blonde. And he has blue eyes. Kinda scary blue eyes. He got a lip piercing, but I've never seen it. And he's unhumanly tall." Calum says.

"You are correct." I giggle and kiss his nose.

He scrunches it up and chuckles. "Luke show her the picture. The one a year ago when I was blinded."

Luke rolls out of bed and grabs a picture off of his desk. He stares at it for a few seconds and smiles before handing it to me.

"You guys were so little! Oh my god." I squeal.

"That was taken the day I lost my eye sight." Calum smiles a little.

"That day?" I ask. "The same day..?"

"The same day." He whispers.

"I'm sorry Cal..when are you going to go for surgery?" I ask.

"The doctor said at least two months before they can try anything." He whispers.

"I have a question." I whisper. "Sorry Luke, but I have to ask."

"What's up?" Luke asks quietly.

"Well no, it's a question for Calum." I giggle. "But it's about something you won't like."

"Oh, oh okay. Go ahead." Luke chuckles and Calum raises his eyebrows.

"Yes babe?"

"If we have sex..are you wanting to do it when you can see or before?" I ask.

"I was hoping I would be able to see you." Calum whispers and takes a deep breath. "If that's okay?"

"Of course, babe." I whisper and kiss his cheek.

He smiles. "You might have to wait a while. Are you sure your okay with that?" He asks softly

"As long as we're together, and it's us having sex, I'm completely okay with it." I whisper.

He smiles wider. "Thank you for understanding."

"Y-you just can't make fun of me." I say. "I'm not perfectly skinny."

"I don't care about that Ariana." He whispers and kisses my lips for a few seconds.

I smile. "You're making me smile, Cal. Actually, you always make me smile."

"Its the least I can do for you." He whispers and kisses my cheek.

"You're so nice to me." I giggle.

"That's because I can't lose you." He says softly.

I place a kiss on his shoulder and wrap my arms around his waist.

He rests his chin on top of my head and starts to rock back and forth. He starts to hum quietly.

I close my eyes and smile. "You're adorable." I whisper.

He shakes his head a little and kisses my forehead. "I wish we could do something cool, like go to a movie." He sighs.

"Can't you like kinda see lights?" I ask him. "We could set off fireworks."

"I can..and that would be fun. Can we make smores too?" He asks excitedly.

"Yes." I whisper. "Luke and I could go to the store or I could go or he could go or we could all go."

Calum chuckles. "Its up to you guys."

"Luke and I could go. But you have to promise to stay downstairs. I don't want you hurt." I say.

"Ari..I don't know if I want to be alone." He whispers shakily.

"Okay I'll stay." I whisper back. "Why are you so scared though?"

He shakes his head a little. "I'm blind..Ari. If someone simply knocked on the door, how would I get to them. I can't handle being alone. Not anymore." He says quietly.

"I-I'm sorry...if I hurt your feelings. I'll stay with you, Cal." I whisper.

"No. Its okay." He whispers back. I hug him tightly.

"You don't have to be alone anymore Calum." I say softly.

"I like you Ari." He whispers.

"Yeah...I like you too..." I look over at Luke and smile weakly.

He smiles back and waves. "I'll be back okay?"

I nod a little. Calum doesn't love me...yet?

"Are you okay?" Calum asks softly and pulls away form me a bit.

"Yeah. I'm-I'm fine." I whisper.

Luke walks out of the room. I rub my eyes. "I'm just tired." I lie.

"We can sleep if you want." He smiles.

"It's okay." I whisper. "You have no shirt on." I poke his stomach.

He smiles wider. "Am I still muscly?" He asks.

"Muscly?" I giggle. "You're super muscly."

"Good. I haven't worked out in a long time." He says and runs his own hand across his stomach.

I smile and lean my forehead against his collarbone. "What do your tattoos mean?"

"This one is my sisters name and a bird." He points to one on his arm. "These are my parents initials." He says and taps a tattoo in his hand.

I smile and run my fingers over the bird. "I like them."

"Me too." He whispers.

I move and turn all the way to face him. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his back.

He smiles at me and kisses my nose. "That wasn't your lips." He giggles and moves his lips lower.

He presses his lips against my top lip and I move my head up for our lips to connect.

He smiles before kissing me slowly.

I kiss him just as slow and rest my hand on his cheek.

He moves his lips a little quicker and chuckles as I try to push his chest back so he's laying down.

"Lay down all the way." I say in his mouth.

He lays back slowly and I straddle his waist.

I run my hands up his chest.

"I wish I could see you like this." He whispers against my lips before kissing me again.

"You will soon. I promise." I reply.

He smiles. "If you just..move your hips a little. That doesn't count as sex right?" He asks.

"No it doesn't. Would you like me to?" I ask.

He nods frantically. "Please."

I grind my hips against his quickly.

He groans and throws his head back.

I kiss down the front of his neck.

"A-Ari." He breathes and lifts his hips a little.

I bite my lip and move harder and slower.

He grips onto my hips and digs his fingertips into my sides.

I breathe out and moan a little.

"God you sound so beautiful." He whispers and lifts his hips off the beg again.

"Calum.." I moan a little louder.

"Again. Please say it again." He groans.

"Calum." I moan again and suck on his collarbone.

He bucks his hips quickly making me moan even louder.

"Fuck. Ariana." He breathes and does it again.

"Cal.." I peck his lips.

"I'm home!" Luke yells downstairs.

I bite my lip and sigh. "C'mon let's go downstairs." Calum chuckles and I nod.

"Okay." I say and look down at his bulge. I giggle a little.

I grab his hand and lead him down the stairs.

Luke smiles at us. "I got some fireworks, and sparklers. And the stuff for smores." He says.

"Cool."I say and sit Calum on the couch.

He pulls me into his lap. "Is it dark outside yet babe?"

"Not yet. It's only 7:15."

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