Blinded // Hood


5. 5

Blinded 5


"No problem dude." Luke says and sits across from us.

My phone buzzes and I look at the screen. "It's my friend. She wants to meet you Cal."

"Okay. Right now?" He asks quietly.

"I guess so." I reply. "Is that okay? After we eat?"

"Yeah, sounds good." Calum smiles and nods.

"Cool." I whisper and text Beth when to come.

"Luke..can you bring me my food please?" Calum asks softly and reaches for my hand.

I give him my other hand. "Is something wrong Cal?"

"No, I'm just nervous." He whispers.

"Don't be nervous." I whisper back and peck his cheek.

He smiles a little and Luke hands Calum his food. "Here Cal." Luke says quietly.

Calum takes his hands from mine. "Is there a fork?" He asks, touching around the plate. I pick up the fork and place it in his hands.

"It right here, babe." I say softly.

"Thank you." He whispers and pokes around the plate, looking for a pancake.

I giggle. "Let me help you." I take the fork out of his hands and poke into a pancake piece.

He opens his mouth and I place the piece of pancake in his mouth. "Close." I whisper and he closes his mouth. I pull the fork out of his mouth and smile.

Luke smiles widely in the kitchen.

"Is it good?" I ask softly as Calum chews.

"It's good." He replies and I pick up another piece.

I continue to feed him until the food is all gone. "We should go get changed Cal. Beth will be here soon." I say quietly and rub his back.

He nods and stand up from the couch slowly. Luke comes over and grabs his plate.

"Thanks Luke." Calum whispers. I grab Calums hand and lead him up the stairs.

"I want you to keep my shirt." He says when we get up to his room.

"Okay. I'll keep it." I smile and help him walk over to his closet.

"What do you want to wear Cal?" I ask him.

"Black jeans, on the far left side. Then..I have a green day shirt somewhere in there. Probably on the right side." Calum says softly. I smile and kiss his cheek before grabbing his jeans and looking through his shirts.

I find the Green Day shirt and lead him away from the closet.

"You can stay in here. I don't care if you see me." He says and shrugs. "I need help getting dressed anyways."

I nod. "Okay." I say and pull his current shirt over his head.

I bite my lip and look down his chest and to his abs.

"Everything okay? You haven't put my shirt on yet." He says.

"Yeah. Yeah, I're really..good looking." I stutter.

"Put my shirt on." He whines.

"Sorry." I whisper and put the Green Day shirt on for him.

"Should I sit down?" He asks. "So you can get my pants off."

"So dirty." I tease. "Yeah sit down."

He chuckles and feels around for his bed before sitting down on it.

I unbutton his pants and pull them down.

I try not to stare and quickly grab the new pair of jeans.

I put them on him slowly and peck his cheek.

"Thank you babe." He whispers and smiles.

"Your welcome." I whisper back and kiss his lips quickly.

He smiles wider and the doorbell rings.

"C'mon, let's go." I say and walk him out of his room and down the stairs.

We walk to the door and I peck his lips before opening it.

"Hi Beth." I smile and step to the side.

"Please, come in." Calum says and chews on his lip.

"I'm Beth. It's nice to meet you." She smiles at Calum.

"I'm Calum." Cal says and keeps a straight expression. I can tell Beth is confused, just like I was when Calum didn't smile back at me the other day.

"Calums my boyfriend now." I tell her. "And he's blind Beth."

"Oh. I'm sorry I didn't know.." She trails off and looks away.

"It's okay. Neither did Ari." Calum chuckles and pulls me close to him.

I smile and lean my head on his chest. "He's amazing, Beth."

"Looks like it." Beth whispers and looks down his body.

"Hey! Back off!" I giggle and push her shoulder.

"He's mine. You can't have him. But there is someone I could hook you up with. Luke!" I call.

Beth rolls her eyes playfully and Luke runs into the room. "Hey, you must be-" he stops and stumbles backwards. "Get out. Now." He growls at Beth.

"What's wrong?" I ask him quickly.

"That's her Ari. That's the girl who left me." He says lowly and points at her.

"Beth? You had sex with Beth?" I look over at her.

She looks away quickly. " left him?" I ask angrily.

"I didn't...I..just didnt want him to..ya all over me." She replies.

"Be all over you? You took his virginity Beth. And then you just..leave him?" Me and Beth have never had a fight. We both get a lot of guys attention but its never been a problem before. Not like this.

"Why does it matter? You probably just want sex from him!" She points to Calum.

"That is not true." I growl and step closer to her. "You know I'm not like that."

"Doesn't mean you changed your mind." She says.

"I wouldn't hurt him like that. I'm not like you Beth." I say lowly.

"Oh so you guys are going to have a..threesome. Then you'll leave. He's great in bed by the way." She points to Luke.

"Get out. Now." I whisper as tears fill my eyes. "I can't believe you think that. I can't believe you. Get out."

"Gladly." She opens the door and walks out, slamming it behind her.

I fall to my knees and heavy sobs fall from my lips.

Calum leans down and wraps his arms around me. "Please don't cry."

"Calum. I'm not using you for sex. You don't believe her right?" I sob and look up at him with tears rushing down my cheeks.

"I don't believe her." He whispers. "I know you wouldn't hurt me like that."

I stand up and help him up to before hugging him tightly. "I'm so sorry Luke." I say to him.

Luke nods and walks towards us, hugging us.

I lean my head on Calums chest and squeeze Luke's arm. "I'm sorry." I repeat and try to stop crying.

"It's okay." He replies and squeezes us.

After a few minutes of holding each other in silence I pull away.

I wipe my cheeks and sniff.

"Its okay babe." Calum whispers and smiles.

I nod and grab his hand again. "Can we all nap together?" I ask.

They both nod and Luke whispers "Sure."

I smile a little and pull Calum up the stairs.

Luke follows close behind and we all walk into Calums room.

I lay in the middle and Calum lays on the right of me.

I yawn and lean my head on Calums chest.

He wraps an arm around me and pecks under my eye.

I giggle. "That was my eye."

He whines and I press my lips against his cheek.

"I was aiming for your lips." He whispers and smiles.

I kiss the corner of his mouth. "My lips are right here."

He turns his face and presses his lips to mine.

I kiss him forcefully and quickly move my lips.

He groans quietly and kisses me back with just as much force.

I pull him on top of me and wrap my arms around his neck.

He continues to kiss me and pries my mouth open with his tongue.

I press my tongue flat against his.

"Shit." He whispers and grinds his hips into mine.

"Calum!" Luke yells. "Guys stop!"

Calum pulls away a little. "What?" He groans in annoyance.

"You guys can't do this yet." Luke says.

"We are just kissing Luke." Calum says and bites his lip.

"I just don't want you guys to go too far yet." Luke whispers.

"We won't Luke." Calum rolls off of me and sets his hand on top of mine.

I move my head onto his shoulder and Luke gets into the bed.

"Thank you. I didn't want to watch you guys fuck." Luke says and chuckles a little.

"Oh please, you would've like it." Calum teases. I giggle and Calum wraps his arms around my waist.

I peck his neck and smile against his skin.

When I'm sure they're both asleep I say something I shouldn't have said for a while.

I lean closer to his ear and purse my lips. "I love you Calum."

A few minutes later, I finally drift off to sleep.

I wake up by someone poking my side. "Ari." Calum whispers. "Are you awake? If not wake up."

I giggle a little and open my eyes. "I am now."

He smiles and pecks my cheek. "Did I do it right? Did I get your cheek?" He asks.

"Yes you did." I smile and nod.

"Yes!" He yells joyfully, causing Luke to jump and fall off the bed.

I laugh really loudly and cover my mouth. "What? What happened?" Calum asks quietly.

"Luke fell off the bed." I laugh and try to catch my breath.

"Lucas! Did you die?" He laughs and leans over the opposite way.

"Other way!" I giggle and push him over so he's looking down at Luke.

"Lucas! Did you die?" He repeats.

"No! I'm fine." Luke groans and I continue to laugh hysterically.

"Oh my god! You're laugh is so cute!" Calum yells.

I only laugh harder and hold my side.

Calum starts to laugh. "And it's contagious!"

Luke chuckles and stands up from the floor before jumping ontop of me and Cal.

I squeal and Calum wiggles. "You're on my balls Lucas!"

"Sorry!" Luke laughs and rolls over.

"Oh my god you guys are the best." I giggle.

They both smile and Calum claps his hands together. "LUKE! We have to play Ari a song!"

"Okay let me get everything." Luke says.

He stands up and walks into the closet across Calums room. I peck Calums cheek and wrap my arms around his shoulders.

He smiles and Luke grabs Calums bass from the floor and his guitar from the closet.

He hands Calum his bass and Luke sits down next to him. I scoot away a little and watch them.

"What song Cal?" Luke asks.

"Uh-lets do beside you?" He asks and looks over towards Luke.

Luke nods and starts playing his guitar.

Calum joins and looks back towards me. He smiles widely before starting to sing. "Within a minute I was all packed up. I've got a ticket to another world I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go. Silent words are hard to speak when your thoughts are all I see don't ever leave she said to me."

Luke smiles at him and opens his mouth to sing. "When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky to the beat of our hearts at the same time. So close but so far away."

"Can you hear me." Calum almost mumbles before they both sing in unisen. "She sleeps alone my heart wants to come home. I wish I was, I wish I was beside you. She lays awake. I'm trynna find the words to say. I wish I was I wish I was beside you."

They play the guitar for a minute before continuing. "Another day and I'm somewhere new. I made a promise that I'd come home soon bring me back bring me back to you." Cal sings passionately.

They sing the chorus again and I can't help but stare at Calums biceps and his vein pop out while he plays.

I lick my lips and kinda zone out as they continue. "The pieces of us both under every city light and they're shining as we fade into the night."

"She sleeps alone my heart wants to come home. I wish I was I wish I was.." Calum sings and I smile a little, still looking at his arm.

Luke looks at me and smiles widely. "Wow." I whisper

Luke sets his guitar down and tackles me.

I yelp and giggle as he starts to tickle my sides.

"Calum! Get your boyfriend off of me!" I say in between my laughter.

"Hey! Hemmings don't get all touchy with my girlfriend." Calum chuckles and tries to push Luke off of me but accidentally grabs my boob. "Uh-Calum.."

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