Blinded // Hood


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Blinded 4


"Luke.." Calum says lowly. "Way to ruin the suprise!"

"Just ask you idiot!" Luke laughs.

"Ariana..will you please be my girlfriend?" Calum whispers and smiles widely.

"Yes Calum..I will be your girlfriend." I reply.

He squeals and kisses all over my face. "Luke oh my god I have a girlfriend what do I do?"

"Keep her yours." Luke chuckles.

I giggle and Calum steps back. "I don't know what to do. What do couples usually do?" He asks me quietly.

"Cuddle, talk, anything." I whisper.

He nods a little. "Well can we eat first. Luke never went to get me pancakes."

"Yeah. Luke, go get my boyfriend pancakes." I giggle.

Luke nods. "Do you want anything?"

"I want some Starbucks." I say. "You should get me some."

He nods again and walks towards the door. "Bye. Be careful Calum. Don't hurt yourself." Luke chuckles before shutting the door.

I wrap my arms around his back and lean my forehead on his chest.

"I'm glad your mine." He whispers.

"Me too." I close my eyes. "Can we go take a nap while Luke's gone?"

He nods. "Do you want to go in my room?"

"Yeah. I like your bed. It's so comfortable." I whisper and grab his hands, walking towards the stairs.

He follows me and we walk into his room together.

He sits on his bed and I straddle his waist, laying my head on his shoulder.

He draws small circles into my back and hums softly into my ear.

"I like this." I whisper and bury my head in his neck.

"Me too." He whispers. "Hey! Did you know I can play the bass?" He asks proudly.

"You can?" I lift my head and peck his cheek.

"Yeah, Luke plays guitar. We write music, a lot." He tells me and smiles.

"I wanna hear." I say and kiss his cheek a couple more times. "Your cheeks are so kissable by the way."

He blushes a little and points to his door. "Can you bring me the bass please?"

"Yeah." I get up off of him and walk into the closet across the hall from his room.

I see his bass and I grab it, before walking back into his room. "Here ya go." I say and hold it out to him.

He reaches out and I set it in his hands.

"What do you wanna hear?" He asks softly.

"One of your songs. Sing too." I whisper and sit next to him.

"Okay." He whispers back and starts playing his bass.

I smile and watch him intently.

"C-can we wait for Luke? I'm nervous." He admits.

I smile wider. "Yes we can." I whisper and kiss his cheek again.

He smiles over at me and grabs my wrist, moving his hand to mine.

I intertwine our fingers and scoot closer to him.

He puts his bass on the ground and lays down, pulling me on top of him.

I smile down at him and kiss his cheeks, then I peck his lips.

"I like you." He whispers.

"I like you too." I whisper back.

He smiles and leans up, pecking my lips. "Hey! I got your lips that time!"

I giggle. "You make me so happy Calum."

"You make me happy, also." He replies.

"Calum..before we get any closer you need to know something about me." I whisper.

"What's up?" He asks and strokes my hair.

"About a year ago..I was in a relationship with a guy named Ryan. Everything was good at first until he started to..abuse me. He hit me and burned me and..touched me. That's why I freaked out earlier when you were touching my thigh." I explain quietly.

"Ariana..I am so sorry. I didn't mean to touch you like that." He says.

"Its okay. I know you didn't." I whisper.

He nods and smiles at me. "I'm happy I found someone that likes me for me. Even when I'm blind."

"I'm happy I found someone that doesn't leave me for what I look like." I whisper.

"You're beautiful." He says.

"You're blind, you can't see how fat and ugly I am." I whisper to him.

"I may be blind..but I'm blinded by our love." He whispers back.

"You mean that?" I ask.

"Of course." He replies.

II smile widely and peck his lips. "You're so nice and sweet. I am so lucky." I say quietly.

"If you're smiling, you have the best smile in the world." He says.

"I am smiling." I whisper. "Do you have any questions for me? About what I look like?" I ask softly.

"No, cause I know you're gorgeous." He replies.

"You're making me blush Cal." I giggle.

"Man, I wish I could see." He sighs.

"I meant to did it happen? If that isn't too..personal." I whisper and push his hair away from his eyes to look at them.

"I was a swimmer. I jumped into the pool with my eyes open, on accident, and the impact blinded me. It's too bad to fix right now." He tells me.

" can fix it? Eventually?" I ask excitedly.

"Maybe." He whispers. "I hope. I want to see again. I miss the sunlight and the stars at night."

"I'll help you through this..until you get it back. I'll tell you all about everything." I whisper.

He nods and wraps his ants around me. "Take a nap. Luke takes forever at the store." He says.

I smile and nod. "Stay here. Please."

"I will." He chuckles. "I can't see to go anywhere."

"Oh..oh yeah. Sorry." I whisper and lay my head on his chest.

He puts his hand on my back and rubs small circles.

"Goodnight..kind of." I say softly and peck his chest.

"Goodnight." He whispers and his eyes close.

I close my eyes too and slowly drift off to sleep.

When I wake up, Calum is awake. I move a little. "Ari? Are you awake?" He asks.

"Yes." I whisper groggily.

"Goodmorning babe. Can i call you babe?" He asks.

"Yes. I like it when you call me babe." I say and move up a little so my face is hovering over his.

"I feel you." He whispers.

I giggle. "I wanted to be closer." I whisper back.

He smiles and puckers his lips.

I lean down and peck his lips for a few seconds.

He smiles at me and sits up a little.

I straddle his waist and peck his lips again.

"I like you lots." He says.

"I like you lots." I repeat and peck his lips again.

"Ariiii." He whines.

"What?" I giggle and look into his eyes.

"Kiss me." He whisper and closes his eyes.

I smile before pressing my lips to his.

He flips us around and hovers over me.

I look all over his face as he kisses me slowly.

"You're a good kisser." I tell him.

"So are you." He chuckles.

"I just want you to know, I don't care if you're blind. I like you and you like me. That's all that matters." I say.

He smiles and nods. "Thank you. Most people don't just..accept me like this."

"I'll always accept you, as long as you accept me." I whisper

"Of course I will. You are amazing Ari." He whispers.

"'re amazing Cal." I peck his lips.

He smiles and pecks my lips back.

I peck his lips over and over, making him smile wider.

"Luke should be home soon." He whispers.

"Good. We can eat." I lay my head back on his shoulder.

He runs his fingers through my hair. "Your hair is soft. What color is it?"

"Its blonde." I reply and kiss his shoulder.

"I like your hair." He says. "It smells nice."

"Thank you." I giggle and peck his shoulder again.

"Are you kissing my shoulder?" He chuckles.

"Yes I am." I whisper and do it again.

He pats my arms until he gets to my shoulder. He leans his head down and kisses it.

"You're cute." I giggle and poke his shoulder with my tongue.

"That was your tongue!" He exclaims.

"Yup." I say and bring my face back to his. "Yes it was."

He smiles and sticks his tongue out. "I'm gonna lick you back."

"Go ahead." I giggle and turn my face so he will lick my cheek.

He leans forwards and pokes my cheek with his tongue. "What'd I poke?"

"My cheek." I tell him quietly and smile.

"I love your voice." He whispers. "It's so...I don't know. I just like it a lot."

I smile wider before pecking his lips. "Thank you Cal."

"You're welcome, Ari." He whispers.

"I'm home!" Luke says downstairs.

"C'mon, let's go." I whisper and grab his hands.

I lift myself off of him and stand up, so does he.

"But first.." I whisper and grab his face in my hands. I press my lips softly to his and don't move them for a few seconds.

He moves his lips first. He wraps his arms around my waist and I feel him smile into the kiss.

I step a little closer and tangle my fingers in his hair.

He kisses me harder and I push him gently so the back of his knees touch the bed.

He falls backwards and pulls me on top of him.

I sit on his stomach and he runs his tongue along my bottom lip.

I shiver and open my mouth a little so he can slip his tongue in.

I feel his tongue explore my mouth.

I run my tongue across his a few times before wrapping my lips around it and gently sucking.

He gasps and wraps his arms tighter around me.

I chuckle a little and suck harder.

He takes one arm away from me and pats himself until he finds his growing bulge.

I continue to suck on his tongue and watch him as he starts to palm himself.

"Calum? Ariana?" Luke walks into the room.

"Out." Calum says lowly as I pull away from him slightly.

"Calum..." Luke sighs. "You can't have sex with her right now. You have to wait."

"Why?" Calum whines and removes his hand from himself.

"You guys just met, Cal. You need to know each other better before you go that far." Luke says. "Trust me, I've learned from experience."

Cal sighs and looks up at me, even though his eyes are looking at my nose. "Sorry babe."

"Cal, it's okay." I giggle a little and peck his lips.

"You..uh-I need to go to the bathroom." He says awkwardly and wiggles his hips a little.

I get off of him and lead him into his bathroom.

"Thanks." He whispers and smiles a little before shutting the door.

I turn back to Luke. "So..what do you mean you've learned from experience?" I ask.

"Well there was this girl I met..a few nights ago. Things were going great then we went up to her room. Of course..I had to be a stupid teenage boy. So we messed around for a little while. A long while actually. We went back to MY place and continued to mess around. And when I woke up she was gone. I don't even know her name." He sighs and shakes his head.

" I'm sorry, Luke. Did she take your virginity?" I ask.

"Yeah." He says quietly.

"You're afraid I'll leave him? He's a virgin?" I ask.

"Oh yeah. The kids blind, Ariana. He doesn't know what boobs look like." Luke chuckles. "But no..I don't think you'll leave him. I just don't want him to rush."

"I won't leave him. I really like him. He's..different." I whisper. " he masturbating in there?"

"Uh-yeah. Probably." Luke chuckles and shakes his head.

I giggle quietly.

"Having sex with I'd be glad he couldn't see my stomach..and thighs." I say and look down at my thighs. "But if he gets his eyes fixed..he might leave me."

"Ariana. He wouldn't leave you. I'm a guy, and I have known him all my life. He wouldn't leave you because of that. When he gets his eyes fixed, I know exactly what he'll say when he sees you. We used to talk about him finding a girl when he's blind and the day he finally gets his eye sight back he said he would tell her, 'I fell in love with the sound of your voice and your soft touch, not the way your makeup looks or the way your hips curve out in your jeans.' He WON'T leave you." Luke says quietly.

I smile a little. "Will he really say that?"

"I know he will." He whispers and smiles.

"I owe you." I whisper back. "I know I've only known Calum for about two days...but I really do owe you. Thank you."

He smiles wider and nods. "You're welcome."

"How come you chose me?" I ask.

"I didn't choose you, you chose him. I could tell you were interested by the way you were staring at him. And he told me he liked your voice when you weren't looking. So I told him to ask for your number." He explains and sits on Calums bed.

"Oh..was it that obvious?" I say shyly. "I'm glad it was obvious though."

"It was pretty obvious. Not that it mattered to him, I mean that it was obvious. He couldn't see the way you were staring." He chuckles and I slap his chest playfully.

Calum opens the bathroom door and stumbles out. I giggle and walk over to him. "Hi." I whisper.

"Hi." He repeats and smiles.

"Have fun in there?" I tease and he blushes.

He nods a little and scrunches his nose up.

"Don't be shy." I smile and kiss his nose.

"We should go eat, yeah?" Luke says behind me. I nod and grab Calums hand.

We walk downstairs and into the kitchen. I see my Starbucks sitting in the counter so I quickly grab it and smile. "Thanks Luke."

"You're welcome." He replies.

"Come sit with me!" Calum sits on the couch with the help of Luke.

I walk towards him and sit right next to him so my leg is touching him. "I'm here." I say softly.

"Yay!" He grabs my hand and squeezes it. "Luke I really like her. Thanks for making me get her number."

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