Blinded // Hood


3. 3

Blinded 3


"You can come closer. Unless you don't want to." He whispers back and feels around for me.

I move closer to him and feel his warm breath on my cheek. "Is this your cheek?" He asks.

"Yes." I reply.

He pecks it softly and I smile.

"Calum, I'm glad I went to get coffee." I whisper.

"I am too." He whispers and drapes his arm across my stomach.

I close my eyes and slowly fall asleep.

I wake up with Calum practically on top of me.

"Calum." I whisper and poke his chest. "Wake up."

"Hmm?" He groans and his eyes shoot open. "Am I on top of you?"

"Yeah." I giggle and poke his chest again.

He rolls over quickly. "I'm so sorry. I've never really..slept in a bed with anyone else." He says.

"It's okay." I reply and run my hands through his hair.

"GOODMORNING!" Luke runs into the room.

Calum smiles. "Good morning." He says quietly.

"Did you guys have a good night?" He teases.

"Luke! We didn' anything!" Calum says shyly and covers his face.

Luke laughs and jumps on the bed. "Whatever you say."

I giggle and sit up. "What's for breakfast Lucas?" Calum asks and sits up as well.

"I'm gonna go to the store and grab stuff." Luke replies.

"What sounds good to you Ariana?" Calum asks and turns to me.

"I don't care, honestly," I shrug.

"Pancakes it is!" Calum says excitedly.

I giggle and lean my head on Calums shoulder but quickly move it. "Sorry." I say.

"Its okay. You can..lean on me." He whispers and nods.

I lay my head on his shoulder again and move closer.

He sets his hand on my thigh and I move it closer to my knee. I don't feel comfortable when people touch me anywhere near my bruises and scars from Ryan. Ryan's the abusive ex.

He moves it back and I quickly get up off the bed.

Calum frowns. "Where'd you go?"

"I-I have to go home." I say quickly.

"Why?" Calum whines and Luke slaps his arm and whispers something into his ear. Calums eyes widen and he covers his mouth. "Ariana I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to..touch you like that."

I shake my head, even if he can't see me, and walk out of his room.

"Way to go!" Luke shouts as I run down the stairs and out the front door.

I start the car and drive home as fast as I can.

When I walk into the house I see my dad and my brother sitting at the table. "Where were you?" My dad asks quietly while taking a drink of coffee.

"I stayed at Beth's." I lie and smile. "Sorry I didn't tell you. I forgot."

"Okay." He sets his coffee mug on the counter.

"Hi Ariana." Jackson, my brother says and smiles. He's the same age as me but he's still older technically.

"Hi." I say and walk up into my room.

My phone is blowing up with texts from Calum, and Beth.

I click Calums contact and shakily press call.

"Ariana?" He answers frantically.

"Hi." I whisper.

"I'm so sorry. Please come back later. Please." He says.

"I don't know..if my dad will let me." I lie. My dad doesn't give a shit about me.

"I don't know..if my dad will let me." I lie. My dad doesn't give a shit about me.

"Please." He says again. I sigh.

"I'll try, okay?" I say shakily and look in the mirror to see that I'm still wearing his shirt.

"I have you're shirt." I tell him.

"I know you do. You can keep it..if you want." He whispers.

"Okay." I whisper back. "I'll a little bit."

"Okay, by the way. You look good in my shirt. Well, Luke told me that you look good in my shirt." He says. I can practically hear his smile.

"Thanks Calum." I smile.

"No problem. I'll see you soon." He says softly.

"Bye Calum." I reply and smile wider.

"Bye Ariana." He whispers.

When I hang up I can't help but smile.

"Who's Calum?" I hear Jackson ask from the doorway.

"Jackson!" I squeal. "Get out!"

"Who is he?" He asks again and takes a step into my room.

"My friend." I say. "Why?"

"I'm just wondering." He smirks and leans on my closet door.

"Okay. Now you know. Now get out." I say blankly.

His smirk gets bigger. "Is that where you were last night?"

"No! I told you I was at Beth's." I say and cross my arms.

"When am I meeting this Calum character? I need to warn him." He cracks his knuckles.

"Jackson. Stop." I growl.

He chuckles. "I'm being serious, Ari."

"I know you are. And you don't need to worry about him hurting me. Not like Ryan." I whisper.

"I still want to meet him. I'll drive you over right now." He says.

"Okay fine. But I swear if you say anything stupid, I will poison your cereal." I say lowly as he pulls his car keys out of his pocket.

He nods and we walk out to the car.

I tell him where to go and within a few minutes we are back at Calums house.

I get out of the car and knock on the door.

Calum opens and smiles widely. "Ariana! Wait..that's you, right?" He asks and I nod.

"Yes Calum it's me..and my brother." I say as Jackson steps out from behind me.

"Oh okay." Calum says and steps aside for us to come in.

We walk in and Jackson stays close to me. "Hey Ariana-who's that?" Luke asks and points to Jackson.

"My brother. He wanted to meet Calum." I say.

"Oh..well hi. I'm Luke and that's Calum." Luke says and points to Calum who is walking back towards us slowly.

I walk into Calums chest and wrap my arms around his back.

"Just friends?" Jackson chuckles and I flip him off.

"Calum..this is my brother Jackson." I lead him towards Jackson. "Jackson..Calum is blind."

Jacksons smirk drops.

"What?" I ask him and intertwine Calums fingers with mine.

"I just..didn't expect that." Jackson whispers.

"Well Calum is blind. And I like him." I tell him.

"I-okay. I guess I can leave now." Jackson says shyly and looks away from me.

"Bye." I giggle and turn to Calum, taking both of his hands in mine and getting dangerously close to his lips. Should I kiss him?

Jackson practical runs for the door. "Where are you?" Calum asks and I shiver at his breath fanning out across my face.

"Right here." I whisper and squeeze his hands.

He smiles. "Why can I feel you breathing?" He asks softly.

"Because I'm right in front of your face." I whisper and look down at his lips.

He nods a little and I move my body closer to his.

"Your warm." He whispers and I giggle.

"Calum! Kiss her for gods sakes!" Luke shouts.

"K-kiss? No." He pulls away and let's go of my hands.

I stumble backwards and nearly fall. "Wh-what?"

"I can't kiss you!" He yells. "No!"

I flinch a little. "But why not?"

"Because! We just met! I don't kiss on the first date." He says lowly.

"Calum Hood!" Luke screams and walks towards him.

"I'm gonna go..again." I whisper.

"No. Ariana, stay." Luke says. "I can fix this. Just kiss him!"

"I don't want to kiss someone who doesn't want to kiss me." I choke out.

"Trust me." Luke whispers.

I take a shaky breath and walk towards Calum.

I grab his shoulder with one hand and place my other on the back of his head.

Before he can protest I push on the back of his head and press my lips to his.

His arms make their way around me and he kisses back.

"Told you." Luke chuckles and steps away from us.

He kisses me harder and presses me against the wall after he feels around for it.

I smile and his hands rest on my hips cautiously.

"Is this okay?" He asks in my mouth.

"Yes." I whisper and move my lips faster.

He copies me and turns his head to the left for more access.

I wrap my fingers in his belt loops and pull him a little closer.

"I lied. I've really been wanting to kiss you." He says.

I nod. "Me too."

He opens his eyes again.

"Your eyes are actually really pretty." I tell him.

"Really? I wouldn't know." He chuckles.

"Really." I giggle.

"You're pretty." He says. "Even if I can't see you."

"Thank you." I whisper and run my nails through his hair.

He smiles and kisses my nose, probably thinking it's my lips.

"Damn it." He whispers and moves his lips lower. He presses his lips to mine and a I smile.

He pulls away after a couple minutes of us kissing.

"I like kissing you." I whisper.

"I like kissing you too." He whispers back and Luke claps.

"Finally! After two days!" He says.

I roll my eyes and smile. "Shut it Hemmings!" Calum calls and smiles.

"Now. Ask her what you were gonna ask her. You know, cough girlfriend cough." Luke says.

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