Blinded // Hood


17. 17

Blinded 17


"Sorry baby. Am I hurting you?" He asks softly.

"Little." I shift again and feel a small pain in my side. "Yeah..yeah you're hurting me."

He practically throws Luke off of him and quickly gets off of me. "I'm so sorry."

"It okay. I just have a bruise." I say.

He frowns. "Where does it hurt baby?"

I take his hand and place it on my side. "Right there."

He carefully brushes his fingers across the area. "Do you need some ice for it or something?" He asks.

"Baby, it's okay." I giggle. "It's just a bruise."

"I still feel bad." He whispers.

"Don't feel bad. It's okay." I lean up and peck his lips.

He smiles a little and removes his hand from my side. "What time is it babe?"

"It is.." I glance over at the clock. "4:30 PM."

"Ugh..I feel so tired." He sighs and runs his hands through his hair.

"You can sleep still, I'll be here." I whisper.

"Are you sure? I'm not being a very entertaining boyfriend." He chuckles and yawns.

"Sleep." I rub his shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you too Ari." He whispers and lays back down before closing his eyes.

I smile and peck his lips. "I love you more." I whisper back and lay my head on his shoulder.

He smiles and wraps his mmunymlarms around my waist.I smile too and close my eyes.

I soon find myself falling asleep, yet again.

When I wake up, Luke is running around the house with a flashlight while Calum laughs.

"Luke?" I ask groggily and sit up. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Calum likes the light. So I'm doing this."

I rub my eyes and smile a little before scooting closer to Calum.

"Check this out." Luke says and clicks a button on the light, turning it into a strobe light.

I look over at Calum who is laughing and smiling like crazy.

Luke clicks another button and the light changes colors.

"Wow, Ari are you seeing this. Cause I'm not REALLY seeing it but you get the point." Calum says playfully.

"I'm seeing this Cal." I giggle. "You can see the colors right?"

He nods a little and pats the blankets beside him, probably looking for me. "I'm right here baby." I whisper and set my hand on top of his.

He smiles and pulls me onto his lap. "I love you." He whispers in my hair.

"I love you." I repeat softly and pull his arms around my waist before intertwining our fingers.

"Our relationship will be so much better when I can see you." He says.

"But until then..I'm happy with this." I whisper and squeeze his hands.

"I love you baby. So much." He whispers back. "Luke..I finally found a girl who accepts me."

Luke smiles and I nod. "I love you, for you." I whisper and lean my head back on his shoulder.

"I love you for you too." He replies.

I turn my head to the side and kiss his cheek.

"Thing number one that I love; you're cheek kisses." He says.

I smile against his skin and giggle before kissing his cheek again and again.

"Thing two; you're giggle."

I smile wider and turn around on his lap to look at his face. I place my hands on his cheeks.

He starts to smile and he pulls my body closer.

I wrap my legs around his back and kiss his nose. "I love you Cal."

"And the way you say my's so..I just love it." He says.

I peck his lips. "Calum." I whisper.

"You're lips are crazy soft too."

"So are yours." I reply.

"I love how you kiss me. It's unique." He whispers.

"How so?" I whisper back and set my hands on his chest.

"Because it's you, not anyone else."

I smile and press my lips to his softly.

He kisses me back slowly.

"I love you." I mumble into his lips and run my hands up and down his stomach and chest.

"I love you more." He replies.

I ball his shirt up in my fist and kiss him a little harder.

"You're gonna give me a boner." He says.

I pull away a little. "Oh..sorry."

"No kiss me." He leans forward, closing the gap between our lips once again.

I kiss him again, but much slower than I want to.

His hands snake around my back.

I continue to kiss him softly, and eventually move my hands to his hair.

He kisses me quicker.I stop moving in shock for a few seconds before moving my lips faster and harder against his. He moves me off of him and beside him while he hovers over me.

"Cal." I breathe and return my hands to his hair.

"Pull." He whispers.

I tug gently at the roots of his hair.

His breathing picks up and he pries my mouth open with his tongue,shoving it in my mouth.

I moan softly and brush my tongue past his. He nods and pushes his tongue ,hard, against mine.

"Calum." I moan louder and pull harder at his hair.

He kisses me with more force as well as passion.

I feel his bulge growing on my thigh as I continue to play with his hair.

He groans in my mouth and turns his head to the left for more access.

I do the same. "Two more weeks." I remind him and roll us over so I'm straddling him, but still keeping our lips connected.

He grips my hips and moves them for me. I moan loudly and bite his bottom lip. He hooks his fingers in my belt loops and moves me faster,lifting his hips. I disconnect our lips to throw my head back.

"No. Keep kissing me." Calum whispers.

I moan again and press my lips harshly to his.

He bites my lip and moves his hips upwards.

He bites my lip and moves his hips upwards.

I grind myself harder against him and try not to pull away from his lips.

"Fuck." He says in my mouth.

I move faster and squeeze my eyes shut.

"Okay...uh...guys?" Luke squeaks.

"Hmm?" I almost moan.

"Uh...well..." He begins.

"What?" I say lowly and pull away from Cal a little.

"I just thought you guys were gonna wait."

"We are." I say blankly and push Calums hair away from his face.

"O-okay." Luke looks away from us as I peck Calums lips.

"Two more weeks." I repeat and peck his lips a few more times.

"I'm going upstairs." Luke says quickly.

I nod a little and wave at him without looking at him.

I hear him walk up the stairs and I peck Cals lips again.

Calum smiles up at me and rubs circles into my sides.

"I love you." I whisper.

"I love you too baby." He whispers back.


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