Blinded // Hood


16. 16

Blinded 16


When we're done, we go back downstairs and lay on the floor once again.

"Calum, you need to work on being a little quieter mate." Luke chuckles.

"Was I loud?" Calum asks Luke shyly.

"Yes. Very loud." Luke smiles and pats his shoulder.

"It's her fault!" He points at the tv. I move his hand over to point to me.

"I know Calum! Its always the poor TV's fault!" Luke says sarcastically.

"Shut up!" Calum whines. I reach over and slap Luke's arm.

"Don't make fun of my boyfriend."

Luke chuckles and rolls his eyes. " a little quieter next time, okay Cal?"

"Hey! You be quiet! I heard you touching yourself the other day!" Calum says.

"Psh, what? I was not!" Luke blushes wildly.

"He's blushing Cal." I whisper.

Calum chuckles and kisses my cheek.

I smile and move closer to him.

"I'm sleepy." Calum yawns.

"Why don't you go to sleep then babe?" I ask quietly.

He nods. "I will, right now." He closes his eyes and fake snores.

I giggle and kiss his nose.

"I love you Cal." I whisper. "Goodnight slash afternoon."

"Are you gonna sleep?" He asks softly.

"Yeah. I'll probably end up sleeping." I reply.

He nods a little and wraps his arms around my waist. After a few minutes he drifts off to sleep.

"He told me he loved me." I whisper to Luke. "At McDonalds."

He smiles a little and nods. "I know he did. I'm happy for you guys."

"I'm happy with him. I'm so happy. Happier than ever. It's insane." I tell him.

He smiles wider. "I'm glad that your happy. And that he's happy."

"Luke, I honestly can't thank you enough. Even if I'm upset about anything Calum always find a way to fix us." I say.

"I just want you two to be happy." He whispers.

"Here's your change by the way. I don't want you to have to pay for the movies when he has his eyes back. I can do it." I say, pulling his money back out of my pocket.

"Are you kidding? He won't let you pay." Luke chuckles.

"Yes he will." I say. "He'll have to. I'll make him."

"He won't let you pay, Ari. If its a date then he will pay. Just trust me." Luke says.

I sigh. "I don't want to make him do that."

"You won't make him do anything. He will do it without you even asking. He's a gentleman." He says and laughs a little.

"But,Luke, it'll be his first movie in a while." I say.

"So, it will also be your first date where he can see you." Luke replies.

"I'll feel bad." I whisper. "I'm paying for him."

Luke rolls his eyes. "Okay, whatever you say."

"Don't roll your eyes you jerk." I say and turn into Calums chest while saying "I'm not talking to you right now,Luke, you rolled your eyes at me....rude."

Luke chuckles a little and I hear him shuffling around behind me.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Moving. I thought you weren't talking to me?" He asks deviously.

"Well. Now it's cold on that side of me. Where are you going?" I ask.

"The bathroom." He says quietly.

"Are you peeing or helping yourself?" I ask,giggling.

"The second one." He says shyly.

"Oh my god. What turned you on?" I ask.

"Nothing." He whispers.

"Lies." I yawn. "Go touch yourself. But you have to come back and cuddle us, coffee boy."

I hear him chuckle a little before he walks away and into the bathroom.

I close my eyes and smile into Calums chest.

I start to fall asleep but get awakened by Luke's groans. I roll my eyes and cover my ears.

"Luke! Shut. The fuck. Up." I yell.

Calum flinches a little. "Oh..I'm sorry baby I didn't mean to wake you up." I whisper.

He nods and little and tightens his grip around me.

I peck his chin before burying my face back into his chest. I eventually fall asleep.

I wake up sandwiched between Cal and Luke. I yawn and feel Luke's hair on the back of my neck.

I try to wiggle out of the boys' grip but they only hold my tighter. "You're not going anywhere." Calum mumbles.

I smile and relax a little. Calum rubs my upper back.

"Are you awake now Cal?" I whisper softly.

"Not really. I wont remember this conversation later."

"So I could say..pretty much anything. Right?" I ask and smirk a little.

"Mhm." He says quietly.

"So..I can talk about how big your dick is?" I ask just as quiet.

"Mhm." He says again.

I nod a little and yawn again.

"How big-" he yawns. "-is it?"

"It's so big Calum. I can't wait until you can see again so you can use it." I whisper and try to keep my eyes open.

"I want to see myself use it." He whispers.

I smile against his chest and nod. "Me too."

After awhile I know he's completely asleep again.

"I love you Calum." I mumble before falling back asleep for myself.

When I wake up, Calum is on top of me and Luke is half on top of him.

I smile and again try to wiggle out from underneath them. They don't budge.

"Cal." I giggle and poke on his chest.

He opens his eyes. "Hmm? Ari? Who's on top of me and..who is under me?" He asks slowly.

"I'm under you..Luke's on top." I whisper and shift underneath him.



I have two questionsssss

What girl do you guys think I am?

Do I need to like make another book for Detention to post part 20?

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