Blinded // Hood


15. 15

Blinded 15


I look over at Calum. "I thought we were gonna cuddle?" I say.

"Oh right, sorry." He says quickly and lays back down. "I might fall asleep though. If I do wake me up, okay?"

"Okay." I whisper. "You are okay with cuddling, right?

"Yes baby." He smiles and pulls me close to him.

I smile and lay my head on his chest.

"I like cuddling with you." I whisper loud enough so he can hear it over the music.

"I like cuddling with you too." He says.

I kiss his chest through the fabric of his t-shirt and drape my arm over his side.

"My boner is throbbing again." He says.

I giggle a little and look down at it. "Sorry, babe."

He pulls the blanket over us and grabs himself through his pants.

I bite my lip and watch him as he starts to slowly palm himself.

He clenches his jaw and uses more pressure.

"C-Cal." I whisper shakily and squeeze my legs shut.

"Yes?" He asks quietly.

"Y-You're turning me on babe." I say just as quiet.

"I'll go to the bathroom." He suggests.

I shake my head. "No, it's okay. I'll just..turn around." I say and flip around so I'm facing away from him.

I feel the blanket move as he quickly moves his hand. I squeeze my eyes closed and try to ignore the tingling between my legs.

"Fuck." He breathes quietly.

I bite down on my lip, hard.

"Ari, your lip is bleeding." Luke says next to me.

I remove my teeth from my lip and touch it with my fingers. It is. Not terribly bad, but it is bleeding a little.

"You okay, babe?" Calum places his other hand on my hip.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm fine." I say a little too quickly.

"Ari...Ariana.." He groans.

I take a deep breath and squeeze my legs harder together.

Luke stares at me, chuckling.

"God, Ariana." Calum moans again as I glare at Luke.

Calum throws his head back.

I close my eyes quickly and try to block out his moans.

"Cal.." I whine and turn back towards him.

"Hmm?" He groans and keeps moving his hand against himself.

I take a deep breath. "You're...turning me on.."

"I can go into the bathroom. Really babe." He says and groans again. I gulp.

"O-okay...if you want." I bite my lip.

"I don't want to. What I want is.." He stops himself and shakes his head.

"Say it." I whisper. "I wanna know."

"Really?" He asks softly.

I nod "yes." I get up, grabbing his hand.

He stands up and I walk him up the stairs. "I want to go into your room..if that's okay?"

"Yeah, let's go." He replies.

I pull him into his room and lay him back on the bed.

I unbutton his pants and pull them to his knees.

His breathing picks up. "No ones ever done this before. Besides me." He admits quietly.

"It's okay." I reply. "I'm glad I'm the first."

He smiles a little and I place my palm over the bulge in his underwear. He bites his bottom lip and I begin to pull his underwear down.

"Shit." I breathe as my eyes meet his erection.

When I get his underwear all the way down, it springs all the way up.

"Fuck Calum." I whisper and wrap my fingers around him.

He immediately starts to thrust in my hand.

I watch him lustfully and tighten my grip around his length.

"Fuck. Ariana oh my god." He groans loudly.

I kiss up his chest and suck on his neck.

He groans again and wraps an arm around my back. I run my thumb slowly across his tip. He sucks in a breath.

I do it again and bite his neck gently.

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