Blinded // Hood


14. 14

Blinded 14


"I love you too." I whisper and kiss his cheek.

"woo!" He yells. "Are we there? I can't see."

I laugh and squeeze his hands. "Yes Cal, we're there. And I know you can't see baby."

He smiles widely. "Baby baby baby." He says as we walk up to my door.

"You're so cute Cal." I say and open the front door.

"I am not cute! I'm manly." He says and pokes his own cheeks.

"Right. Sorry. Your manly." I giggle and walk him quickly past the living room.

"Where are we know? Your room?"

"No. We are about to go up the stairs. Watch your step babe." I say softly and lead him up the stairs.

He trips on a couple stairs but eventually gets up them. "Good job baby." I praise.

"Yeah. I can get up my stairs but not other peoples...I don't ever know." He says. "Grab like three outfits. Just so if you stay the night you have them."

"Okay." I giggle and push him back a little so he sits down. "That's my bed by the way." I tell him.

"It's soft. And squishy!" He bounces.

I giggle again and walk towards my closet.

I grab a couple outfits and walk over to Calum, pecking his cheek.

He smiles and looks over at me. "Is your door open? I want to kiss you."

I walk over and shut my door. "it's closed."

"Come here." He whispers and opens his arms.

I walk into his arms and look into his eyes, even if he can't see me.

"Where's your face?" He whispers and smiles.

"Right here." I whisper back, against his lips.

He smiles before pressing his lips against mine.

I wrap my arms around his neck and sit on his lap.

He kisses me slowly and runs his hands up and down my back.

I smile and take his hand,placing it on my butt.

"What am I touching?" He giggles.

"My ass." I say playfully.

He moves his hand back to my back and pulls me closer.

I move my lips a little faster against his.

He groans and I kiss him slower.

He moves his hands to my hair and plays with it, tugging every once and a while.

"Ariana?" I hear Jackson say as the door opens.

I quickly get off of Cal's lap and stand up straight. "Yes?" I say as calmly as possible.

" know dad's home right?" He whispers.

I nod a little. "Yeah I know."

"You can't be doing that. Not here. Unless the doors locked. But, if dad walks in on that he'll flip shit."

"No he won't. You know he doesn't care about me. And fine..I'll lock the door. We were just kissing anyways." I say and cross my arms.

"Alright alright..continue." He chuckles and locks the door before walking out of the room and closing the door.

I turn back to Calum. "Uh-sorry about that." I sigh.

"It's okay." He whispers. I get back on top of him and push him on his back gently.

He smiles as I reconnect our lips.

"I love you." I say in his mouth and run my fingertips up his chest.

"I love you." He repeats. I feel him shiver beneath me.

I pull away slightly and peck his lips before laying my head on his chest.

"Did you get clothes yet babe?" He asks softly.

"Yeah, I did." I reply quietly. "Do you really want to lose your virginity to me? I mean, when you can see again..there's a lot of other girls."

"I want it to be you. You're my first girlfriend and my first love, Ari." He whispers.

I smile and peck his chest through his shirt. "You're my first serious boyfriend. My first actual love." I whisper back.

He smiles widely and sits up. "I'm so happy to hear that.'

"Cal, if you were deaf and not blind, would you still have asked for my number?" I ask.

"Yeah, because your smoking hot." He says quietly.

I giggle a little. "You're not too bad yourself Calum."

"Wow. Thanks." He chuckles and slithers his arms around my waist.

I smile and move my arms under his body. "Love you." I say.

"Love you too." He whispers and stands up, still holding me. "Let's go back to my house okay?"

I nod. "Let me lead you."

He sets me down gently on the floor and I grab his hands.

"This way!" I pull him over to my door, unlocking it and opening it.

I grab the small bag of clothes I packed earlier and guide him carefully down the stairs.

"Step down Calum." I say and squeeze his hands. "It's the last step."

He takes a shaky step and smiles a little. "Thank god. That could have ended badly." He giggles.

I giggle at his giggle. "You just giggled! I've only heard your devious chuckle."

"Devious chuckle?" He asks in amusement.

"Yes your devious chuckle!" I repeat and squeeze his hand again.

"C'mon baby. Guide the blind boy home." He smiles.

I lean up to peck his lips before starting to walk us back towards the front door.

"Okay, we are going out of the front door." I tell him.

"Okay." He whispers and follows me slowly.

"You're so cute." I smile as he steps out of the door and takes a step towards me.

I look up at him and he takes another step. "Where are you? Are you close?" He asks and looks around.

I pull him into my arms. "I'm super close." I reply.

He sets his chin on top of my head. "Good."

"When we get home-i mean your house..can we cuddle?" I ask him.

I feel him nod a little and he wraps his arms around my shoulders. "Of course."

"Yay. Alright let me guide you again." I pull away and grab both of his hands again.

I walk him all the way back to his house and open the front door for him.

"We're here baby." I whisper.

He smiles and nods before taking a step into the house.

"Upstairs? Or couch?" I ask.

"Either is fine, is Luke here?" He asks softly.

"Yeah. He's there." I point.

"Where?" He asks and look around a little.

"Sorry." I say and lead him over to Luke.

Luke pats Calum on the shoulder. "Hi Cal."

"Hey." Calum smiles and sits next to him.

I sit across from them and smile.

"I love you Luke. You're my best friend." Calum says

Luke smiles widely and messes Calum's hair up a little. "Love you too man."

"Watch this." He says to Luke.

"I love you,Ari." Cal says.

"I love you too Cal." I whisper and smile at Luke.

Luke smiles and wraps his arms around Calum.

"I love her a lot Lucas." Calum whispers.

"I know you do, Calum."

"Like..a lot a lot." Calum says and leans forward a little.

"I'm glad she makes you happy, Calum. I'm glad she came to Starbucks that day." Luke says.

"Me too." Cal says quietly and smiles.

"Two weeks, bud. Then, you'll be able to see her and look into her eyes." Luke rubs his back.

Calum smiles wider and nods. "I can't wait."

"By the way, I don't want to hear you while you two fuck." Luke chuckles.

"Oh don't lie Lucas. You know you do." Calum says playfully and giggles.

He looks up for a minute and thinks. " I don't." He laughs.

I roll my eyes and glare at him. He puts a finger over his lips, telling me to be quiet. "Anyways.." I try to change the subject.

"What? What'd he do?" Calum asks.

"Nothing." I say softly and grab Calum's hand.

He smiles. "Hemmings, go get us some blankets and music."

"Okay." Luke says and stands up before quickly running upstairs.

I peck Calums lips and smile. "I love you babe."

"I love you too." He whispers and pulls me closer to him by my waist.

He sets me on the side table. "You're on the couch right?" He asks.

"No babe. I'm on the table." I giggle.

"Oh...oh sorry."

"Its okay." I whisper and stand up, moving myself to the couch beside him. "I'm here now."

He smiles and drapes an arm over my shoulder.

"Are we sleeping down here tonight?" I ask softly and lean my head on his arm.

"Yes." He replies and Luke runs down the stairs.

He throws the blankets at us and they pile up on top of us.

"Luke!" I whine and push the blankets onto the floor.

He laughs and Calum looks around with a blanket over his head. "Ari, what is this?"

"A blanket." I giggle.

"Okay good. I thought it was a shirt. No getting naked when I can't see." He jokes and I giggle.

He smiles and I push the rest of the blankets onto the floor. "Can you set those up for us?" I ask Luke.

"Sure." Luke smiles and starts to lay the blankets out.

"Thank you." I reply and swing my legs over Calums legs.

He pulls me into his lap and pats my knee a few times. I smile and lean my head on his chest.

"Are you done yet Lucas?" Calum asks quietly.

"Yes I'm done. Come on down, lovebirds."

"Come on baby." I grab his hands.

He moves down to the floor and sits next to me.

"Lay down." I whisper and push his chest gently.

He lays back and turns to face me.

I press my lips to his, without moving them.

He whines a little and rolls over so he's hovering over me.

I keep my lips on his.

"Ari." He whines and moves his lips a little.

"Cal." I mock and keep my lips still.

"Please." He groans and moves faster.

I start to quickly move my lips.

He groans again and licks over my bottom lip, asking for entrance.

I gladly open my mouth for him.

He runs his tongue across mine a few times before gently sucking on it.

I moan a little and wrap my fingers in his hair.

I hear Luke chuckling a little as I start to tug at Cal's hair.

Calum groans and kisses me harder.

"Oh Calum." I moan as he grinds his hips into mine.

Calum moves harder and I squeeze my eyes shut.

"Fuck." He breathes.

"You have a boner." I say in his mouth.

"Yeah, I know." He whispers and smiles against my lips before kissing me again.

I kiss him back. "Should we stop? I don't want to take your virginity till you can see me."

He pulls away a little. "Yeah. We should or I won't be able to stop."

"I really don't want to stop." I giggle. "But I love you so we will wait."

He nods and smiles. "I don't want to stop either. But..I want to see you. I want it to be special." He whispers.

"Me too." I whisper back and Luke starts some music.

"Way to ruin the mood bro." Calum chuckles and rolls back over before sitting up and leaning up against the back of the couch.

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