Blinded // Hood


13. 13

Blinded 13


"Two more weeks. They said I can get the surgery a month earlier than they thought. In exactly two weeks..I'll be able to see again!"

I smile. " that's amazing." I whisper.

He smiles. "I'm so excited."

"Me too." I move his hair from his eyes.

"I love you, alot, Ari." He whispers.

"I love you a lot Cal." I reply. "A lot a lot."

He giggles and finishes one of his burgers.

"Want me to open your other one?" I ask.

He nods a little. "Yes, please."

I unwrap his second burger and place it in his hands.

"Thanks baby." He whispers and takes a few bites.

I smile. "Two weeks Cal."

"Two weeks." He repeats and grins.

"I love you. Even if you are blind. Even if you were gonna be blind forever." I whisper.

"I won't be blind forever though. I know this isn't likely but..what if YOU stop loving ME because I get my sight back?" He asks nervously.

I shake my head. "Calum I won't leave you for something silly like that. I promise you I will stay unless you do something terrible." I say softly and push his hair out of his face again.

He smiles in my direction. "I do want to take you to a movie when you get your eyesight back." I say.

"Sounds good to me." He replies.

"What would you wanna see? A horror movie, or a comedy? Dramatic? Romantic?" I ask and eat another piece of chicken.

"Horror. So I can hold you." He replies.

I smile. "Okay, I'm up for that."

"Good." He smiles. "Is this almost gone?" He holds his burger up.

"Yeah. Two more bites maybe?" I say questioningly.

He sticks it in his mouth and bites down. "What about now?" He asks with a full mouth.

"Its gone." I giggle and wipe his chin, that has some ketchup on it.

He scrunches his nose up and chews his food.

"Gross." I say playfully and eat the last bite of my chicken.

He chuckles. "Are you done baby?"

"Yeah, I just finished." I tell him and take a drink of my soda.

He nods. "Let's go to a store. A girl store. You need clothes for my room." He says.

I giggle a little. "Are you sure babe? I don't want to drag you along with me." I say softly.

"Well we can just go to your house." He says. "And save the money for the movie in two weeks."

"I've got enough money, but yeah. We just have to sneak past my brother. He'll freak out and think we are going to fuck or something." I say and laugh a little.

He chuckles. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah." I say and stand up. I walk around to his side and grab his hands.



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