Blinded // Hood


12. 12

Blinded 12


What he said makes me feel so much better. I smile widely.

"Calum..I love you." I reply and grab his hand over the table.

He smiles. "You do? Really?"

"I do. Really." I squeeze his hand.

He leans forward. "Please kiss me. Just for a few seconds."

I lean forward also and press my lips to his.

He brings his free hand to my cheek and kisses me slowly.

I smile into the kiss and squeeze his hand again.

He pulls away a little. "I was so scared that you wouldn't feel the same." He whispers.

"Me too." I whisper back and touch my nose to his.

He smiles widely and brushes my cheek. "Let's keep eating baby." He says softly as we sit back in our chairs.

I grab my chicken and bite into it with a smile on my face.

"Oh yeah! Baby I forgot to tell you. The doctor called yesterday." He says and feels around for his burger before taking a bite.

I put his burger in his hand. "What'd he say?" I ask.

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