New movella

As Nicole moves to a new country she's really nervous, will finding new friends make her more comfortable?


1. New chapter

Hii, Nicole here. Ya know, long straight blonde hair, bluey greeny eyes. Bout 5'9? yea that's me.

Waking up for my first day at school in Sydney I'm really nervous, thinking about friends and if people will like me or not.

Coming from New Zealand I thought It would be quite similar here, except for the population. Now living in a city with the same population as the country I came from is huge for me.

I get up and go take a shower, I change into my blue dark washed ripped denim jeans with my white long sleeved crop top and my dr martins, I put my hair into two Dutch braids and light make up.

I go down stairs and grab my backpack my aunt that came here with me has already gone off to work, so I lock up the house and walk off to school. I walk with my head phones in because it feels like it passes a lot of time.

As I enter the school gates I feel very nervous, I walk up to the office and sign myself in, I get given my daily plan and go find my locker.

As I walk through the corridor to my locker I see a really cute boy who's next to mine, I blush and say hi, he replies with

"hey, hey? Are you new here?"

Yeah, today's my first day I say.

"Oh cool, I'm Luke" he says

Nicole. I reply

"Hey your accent?"

Yea what about it? I ask in confusion

"Your a kiwi, like from New Zealand?" He says astonished

I laugh, yea

"My best mate is from New Zealand"

Oh really? cool. I say

"Hey here he is now, CALUM he yells"

He runs over with another boy behind him

"Hey what's up" he says in a really hot voice

Luke points to me and says "I just meet Nicole, she's from New Zealand too!"

"Really," Calum says. "What a coincidence aye."

Yea I nod

"What your first class?" Luke says to me

Umm *looking at my paper* science. Can you show me where that is please?

"No way,"

Umm excuse me

"No-no-no I mean no way as in wow, because all four of us seem to be in the same science class."

Wow really I look at them all,

" yea" the boy in the back says, "I'm Michael by the way."

Hi Michael how ya doin'

"Good thanks, you??"

Not too bad I reply with confidence.

"Speaking of class, we're gonna be late, Luke say in a worried tone"

We start walking to science and before we go into class luke asked if I wanted to hang with them at lunch?? I nodded and we entered science together.

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