Gangs and Roses

After being kicked out of her dumpy old apartment, Alexis decides to be a lodger for a group of guys. All Alexis wants is a normal live but these three boys don't know what normal is. After a while things start to heat up between Alexis and one of the boys. Can they have a relationship or will they always be in danger. Follow them in their crazy,romantic adventures.


4. Chapter 4


Waking up in the morning refreshed, I headed towards the en-suit. After taking a quick shower I headed towards my luggage that still wasn't unpacked. Digging through my clothes, I grabbed a black and striped shirt, white high-rise jeans and a black beanie. Walking back into the bathroom dressed I brushed my almost dry hair and starting doing a side braid. Fixing the beanie I ran down the steps towards the amazing smell of bacon.

"Hmmm bacon." I sighed dreamily sitting on the island.

"How did you sleep?" Luke asked nicely.

Looking up at his messy bed head and red pajama pants, I muttered a 'good'. Feeling a presence behind me, I swiveled around on the bar stool and saw a scared Jack grabbing at his heart.

"Holy Shit! What is wrong with you,I was suppose to scare you not the other way around. I think I had a heart attack." he gasped.

Shrugging my shoulder," Don't be a baby."

Seeing a plate of bacon, eggs and toast in front of me, I quickly dug in. It was the best breakfast I had in a while since I used to live off of poptarts. Saying a thankyou to Luke I headed towards the living room to watch some television.

Seeing Ash this early in the morning was a shocker since I only saw him come out of his room around 1 in the afternoon. Looking up from the weather, Ash bluntly checked me out and went back to watching the screen.

"We are leaving in about 15 minutes."

Whipping my head towards him, surprised I didn't get whip lash," Uh... Why?"

"I have a job at 10:30 and you my dear stranger need to go job searching."

" What do you do for a living?" I asked curiously.

"I work at the airport and work out when I get the time."

Getting black flats on and grabbing a white thin coat, I waited for Ash to get his shoes on. Walking into the garage I saw three amazing cars. Unlocking a black Hummer, Ash got in the driver's seat. Following him, I sat onto black plush leather seats. "Woah, nice car!" I said admirably. Chuckling, Ash got out of the driveway and down the winding road towards the city. Getting into the city, Ash looked over at me smiling slightly.

"What? Is there something on my face!?" I asked freaking out.

"No no. You look fine. I was just thinking."

"Thinking about......?" I asked curiously.

"You're the first girl that I'm not related too, and we haven't slept together."

I was shocked. Slapping him on the arm, I turned the radio up and was met with 'All of Me' by John Legened. I absolutely loved this song. Turning the radio up I started singing.

What would I do without your smart mouth

Drawing me in and you kicking me out

You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down
What's going on in that beautiful mind
I'm on your magical mystery ride
And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright


After the song was over I turned the volume back down to what it as. Hearing a whistle to my left, I looked up at Ash curiously.

"Damn lady your good. Why don't you sing professionaly?"

"I'm not that good but thanks," shrugging my shoulders.

" Don't say that. You are good. Not everyone has the chance that you have."

"Maybe I don't wanna be a singer did you think about that? huh!" I was mad that he thought I take my life for advantage.

Getting mad, Ash turned off the radio and continued the drive in silence. Not caring that he was mad I stared out the window until we came to a stop in front of a huge white marble libraary

"Get out." Ash said gruffly.

"No. First tell me why you just went bipolar on me,"

"I don't have to tell you shit. Get out."


Grabbing my wrist he pulled me towards him. Tightening his hold on me, his eyes turned an inhumanely black. "Get out of the fucking car before I hurt that little face of yours. Your just some lucky little bitch that has an opportunity to sing when others can't even fucking walk!" he hissed.

Letting me go, I ran out of the car holding my wrist trying not to cry. I bumped into a lot of people trying to find the bathroom. It was in the corner with a wooden door.Running into the bathroom not checking to see if somebody was in there too. Looking at my wrist I gasped, seeing blue and purple finger prints scared the crap out of me. Touching the marks, I winced, still silently crying. Trying to wipe my mascara off with one hand,a bathroom stall door opened with a pretty blonde hair girl with blue streaks. She was about to wash her hands when she noticed me crying. Looking at my covered wrist she gasped in horror.

"Omg what happened?" she asked curiously.

"Nothing ."

"I'm a doctor; let me take you to my office. You need to get checked out. Come one, lets wipe your mascara and we will go."

Nodding my head in agreement, she helped me wipe my mascara. Getting into her blue sedan, I got a text from Luke. 'Hey Lexi, where are you? Ash hasn't replied to me in a while.' I deleted his text because I didn't want to deal with them right now. Looking up I saw that we were at the hospital visit.

"Sorry for not introducing myself, I'm Sophia. What happened to your wrist honey?"

"Alexis. Nothing. I don't want to talk about it."

"You are a victim. Don't hide the person who did this."

" I'm not a victim," I chuckled humorlessly,"I just fell."

Sophia didn't quit believe me but kept walking into the hospital, Sophia started talking to the receptionist about my condition.

My wrist was fractured and really bruised. Eventually I had to call Luke to come pick me up. Just to say he was pissed was an understatement of the century. He had a colorful language when I got in the car and he saw my bandage wrist.

"What the fuck did you say to him?"

"I just said I wasn't a good singer even though he said I could be a professional singer."

It was silent for a couple minutes before I heard Luke sigh. "Ash has a sister, Leah. She was in a car accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. She is an amazing singer but couldn't become professional because of her accident. He hates when people whine about not being good at singing or taking life for advantage."

" I did.......



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