Gangs and Roses

After being kicked out of her dumpy old apartment, Alexis decides to be a lodger for a group of guys. All Alexis wants is a normal live but these three boys don't know what normal is. After a while things start to heat up between Alexis and one of the boys. Can they have a relationship or will they always be in danger. Follow them in their crazy,romantic adventures.


3. Chapter 3

~~After Ash calmed his tits I could actually get to know the group. Luke is the responsible one and is great at cheering people up. Jack has a very perverted mind and great at video games. I didn't know why he lived with the other boys but I didn't want to be rude and ask on my first day, even though it was secretly killing me. Ash is your normal mysterious player. They learnt that I had an older sister and was a pretty good photographer.

"Can we look at the rest of your photos?" Jack gave me his signature pout. It normally doesn't work but I'm a big softie for cute guys that pout. Grabbing my camera I turned it on and gave it to an eager Jack and surprising Ash.

Walking behind Luke into the kitchen I saw a tattoo on his right side when he opened a cupboard. "Do you want a coke?" Luke asked opening the fridge. "Sure."

About ten minutes later Jack walked in giving me my camera back. "Those are really good. Why didn't you become a professional photographer?"

Shrugging it off, I walked upstairs to unpack my suitcase and take a very need shower. After putting short shorts on and a tank top and flopped on my new king sized bed falling asleep right away.


Luke's P.O.V

"God she's hot." Jack looked up the stairs dreamily. Hitting him upside the head Ash looked pissed. "She can't stay here and you both know that."

"I know. I know. We will give her a month to save up money and then give her a plane ticket to live with her sister." I replied with a calm, authority tone.

"She would be a good fuc-"

"Woah woah. Jack you're 18! You can't even think like that." Ash screamed over Jack's voice.

Chuckling to myself, I went upstairs to head to bed. It took me awhile but I finally fell asleep with a certain brown haired beauty on my mind.



Thanks for reading. Do you want different p.o.v's?


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