Gangs and Roses

After being kicked out of her dumpy old apartment, Alexis decides to be a lodger for a group of guys. All Alexis wants is a normal live but these three boys don't know what normal is. After a while things start to heat up between Alexis and one of the boys. Can they have a relationship or will they always be in danger. Follow them in their crazy,romantic adventures.


2. Chapter 2

~~Waking up face to face to a hot guy is amazing. Luke was silently snoring when I got out of the huge comfortable bed and walked in to the big en-suit bathroom. The bathroom was gold and red, it had two sink and a big bath but no shower. Turning the hot water on and stripping my clothes off Iaid in the tub and relaxed. Suddenly the door burst open with a frightened Luke standing in the doorway. Slamming the door shut,Luke finally noticed I was sitting in the tub naked looking at him with a shocked expression.

"There is a guy that I stole ALOT of money sitting at the front door," Luke said really fast and in a nervous voice.

Grabbing I towel I started to say something but was rudely interrupted by a big thud coming from the main hallway. Putting his hand over my mouth to restrain me from talking, Luke pulled my back into the tub and turned the bathroom light off. After he got in the tub too, we stood there quietly at least for 30 minutes.

"Come out Lukey!My boss needs that money back and if you don't give it. It'll be my ass not yours, so give it up!" a voice yelled from the doorway.

Luke stiffened and was about to pull back the curtain when my hand shot up and grabbed his. Putting my finger up to my mouth telling him to be silent. I took the towel off and couldn't help but notice Luke blushing and looking up at the ceiling. Pulling the curtain back so the guy standing in the doorway could only see me. I put on a shocked expression and asked him with curiosity," I'm not Lukey. I'm Melissa. Can I help you?"

"Sorry. Wrong room, but have you seen this guys," he replied holding up a picture of Luke up.

"Actually, yes I have seen him. In my old town, New Orleans. Bourbon Street to be exact. Now will you please excuse my I have a bath to finish." I said smiling.

After he left, Luke and I  finally got of the cold water. Walking out of the bathroom, I saw that it looked exactly the same except for the front door that was currently off it's hinges. Walking towards my suitcase, I started taking clothes out to wear.

An hour later, we were back on the road with only two hours to go. It was a pretty silent car ride except for the music playing. I fell asleep when we were thirty minutes away so I wasn't able to see the town. Stopping the car and shaking my shoulder, Luke said," Home sweet home." Getting out of the car I saw this huge house in front of me. It was all stone, had a wrap around porch and a three-car garage.  i could see that they had a tennis court in there backyard and a huge pool.

Smiling, I helped Luke with my bags and headed towards the big front door. Opening the door, I saw a nice living room with a play station and xbox hooked up. Walking out of a hallway I saw a younger guy with brown hair checking me out. Clearing his throat, Luke introduced me to Jack saying that he was the youngest of three at 18.

"Where s the other guy?" I asked curiously while walking through the rest of the house.

"Your talking about Ash, he normal works out all day but when he is home he is in his room. Pretty boring but that guy can sure fight." Jack answered my question.

As if on cue, a tall, well built blonde guy walked through the front door with a black gym bag hanging from his shoulder. "Meet our new lodger." Jack said eagerly. As if now noticing me, Ash narrowed his  eyes at me and replied with a comment he was sure to regret later. "

"Oh hell no."





Thanks for reading this chapter :)


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