Gangs and Roses

After being kicked out of her dumpy old apartment, Alexis decides to be a lodger for a group of guys. All Alexis wants is a normal live but these three boys don't know what normal is. After a while things start to heat up between Alexis and one of the boys. Can they have a relationship or will they always be in danger. Follow them in their crazy,romantic adventures.


1. Chapter 1

~~Walking down Bourbon Street, New Orleans, your sure to hear the daily argument between Alexis Miller a residence in the old run down red apartment complex and the owner. There fights are normal. Usually because Alexis doesn't pay her bills or Joe tried to make a move on Alexis. Let me tell you a little about each of them; Alexis is a nice, witty, athlete but has a  bad temper. Joe is a horny old guy and  will go for anything that can breathe. Rumors go around the apartment complex between those to daily. Like a magazine with the Kardashians right in the middle of the cover.

Just a little background information. The rest of the book will be in the characters p.o.v



"Get out of here you little bitch. And I don't wanna see your little pretty face until you can pay me back all the money you owe." he yelled ,spitting all over my face while he was at it.


Taking my two small red suitcases, I started walking down the cracked street heading towards the only library and this hell hole of a town. Opening the creaky door I saw it was completely deserted except for the young lady with spiked pink hair sitting behind the desk reading a romance novel.

Looking up she smiled at me. "Do you need anything?" Ella according to her name tag asked me with sincerity.

"Yeah, I don't have a card but could I borrow a computer for a little?" I asked her with a nervous smile.

Nodding her head, Ella got back to her novel. Relieved, I sat down in front of a block screen with dust on the keyboard. Looking up my email, I saw that someone replied to my lodger email.


We live in Santa Clara, California. You would have to pay 300 dollars a week to stay, but there are plenty of jobs open. Here is a plane ticket for Tuesday night at 6:35. I will wait at the airport for you.


Looking at the bottom of the screen I realized that it was 4:45. Running out of the library like a puppy on crack. I hailed a taxi heading towards that airport.


3 and 1/2 hours later.


Getting out of the airplane and heading towards security, I saw that California was way  different then New Orleans. Everyone was in swimsuit and shorts. It was really warm in the airport and I didn't want to know how hot it was outside. Everyone seemed to be happy and I didn't see anyone singing or dancing all the way to security.

Getting past security again, I saw an attractive blonde guy holding a piece of lined paper that said Alex. Walking up to him I said hey. Looking at me in confusion he replied to me in a nervous tone," Please say you aren't Alex."

"Alex is short for Alexis." I snapped back. Angry because he thought I was a guy. Walking towards baggage claim I heard him running after me.

"Hey I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm Luke. If you were a guy though, I'd become gay for you." Luke said smirking. Chuckling at what he said, I found my 2 red suitcases and followed him out of the airport and into the hot L.A air towards a black Mercedes. Whistling at the car, I gave him by bags and watched him from behind as he bent over and put them in the trunk. He is a sexy god. Snapping me out of my Pg-13 thoughts he said, "Santa Clara is five hours away so we are going to have to stay at a hotel. Is that okay with you?"

Nodding my head, we got in the car and drove away from L.A and all it's celebrities. Waking me up from my short nap, I saw a bright huge hotel in front of us. " I can't afford this," I told Luke embarrassed.Squeezing my shoulder he replied with a small smile, "I'm not letting you pay for it. It's on me."

After a short argument in the car about me paying for half, we got out of the car and towards an amazing hotel. After getting our room card, we went up to the floor we were supposed to. The hotel was white and red, it looked like just the decorations cost a million dollars alone. Walking into the nice room we saw that they was only one bed. Without thinking I jumped onto the bed giggling. Laughing at me, Luke said," You can have the bed, I'll sleep on the couch,"

Shooting up from my spot I opened my mouth and started to say," No, it okay you can have the bed." taking a breathe I finished," Or we could both sleep in the bed."

Shrugging he said sure. After taking showers and both of us getting dressed, we finally stopped talking and went to bed at 2:35 in the morning.


Thankyou so much for giving my book a chance. Please vote/comment/share. It would mean so much to me if you gave me an honest reply of what you thought. This chapter is not edited.


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