Little Bit Of Tomboy

Being a tomboy, Loghan Atkins has a hard time fitting in after she and her family move from Colorado to California. Deciding to explore her new surroundings, she meets Louis Tomlinson without knowing who he is. She soon before curious as things she don't understand to to happen.


2. Sunny Cali!




After unpacking a few things I was ready to explore my new surroundings. I Rab down the stairs, nearly colliding into Dad.


"Hey, slow out down there, Tony Hawk. Don't need you getting hurt," dad chuckles as I turn to look at him.


"Sorry dad! Cali beach awaits me!" I yell as I stepped out the door.


I looked around taking it all in. I could that this neighborhood was bustling with neighbors coming and going. I stopped at the end of the driveway as a group of male skateboarders road by. They suddenly stopped and looked at me. My heart stopped. I had always been bullied back home for being a tomboy. This should be good.


"Look here guys," a tall blonde guy said with a smile. "A skateboarder chick. You must be new?"


I nodded. Hey just cause I'm a tomboy don't mean I have my shy moments. 


"Where you from newbie?" he said looking over me.


"The mountains of Colorado," I say trying to not sound nervous. 


"Rad," a dark haired guy said. He was the shortest.


I nodded and hopped on my board and skater towards them. The tall one stopped me by standing in my way. I have him a look. 


"I would like to get by, please," I say as nicely and calm as I can.


"Hey now. We're not going to start nothing. We just want to know what tricks you can do is all,' he laughed. 


My body relaxed a bit at this and he moved. I smile and did a kick flip and an ollie.


They all clapped. 


"That was rad... Um. What's your name Pebble?" Tall guy asked with a nice smile.


"Loghan Atkins. And you?" I kicked up my board and held the gaze.


"I'm Tate. These are my buddies Roller, Chase, Lung, and Dollar," he introduced.


I nodded and shook their hands. 


Tate motioned with his head towards the beach. "Wanna come with us to ride?"


"As tempting as that sounds, I wish to explore a little first. But I'll meet you guys there," I smiled kindly at them. 


They nodded and rolled away. To be honest, I was suspicious of them. No one was actually every nice to me... Ever. I guess I could live a little though. I mean I was in a new state. And not everyone is the same. Or at least I hope not. 


I stared after them for a long five minutes until they were just black blobs in the distance. Then I started off on my own trek to explore. 


I was needing the beach when I got distracted my something that I love every so dearly. No not Starbucks. A frozen yogurt shop! I was in heaven! 


Pushing off harder I was at the door in seconds. 


"Wicked board man," a random man said with a strange accent. "Have you surfed before?"


"Uh no. The skateboard is my wave," I smiled at the surfer. 


He grinned and walked out the shop. I turned my attention to the many flavors of FROYO and my eyes grew wide as I saw what I had been craving since we've moved.


"I'll have a large orange froyo please," I smiled at the waiter who had a sour expression. 


He nodded and took his time in fixing my cup. I had my dad's habit of tapping my right foot when I was getting impatient. I rolled my eyes as he dropped the scoop and slowly picked it up. He stared at it before finally throwing it in the sink behind him. He did there expressionless. 


"I would like to have my froyo today, please," I tapped my foot once again and crossed my arms. "You need to move a little faster mister." 


All he did was glare at me and finally got another spoon from the drawer. He handed my my cup and I paid for it. 


"No no. I don't use spoons. I'll use a fork," I said handing back the bowl on a plastic stick. 


"Miss, we only have spoons," he said in a very lame way. 


I gave him a look and took the spoon and my froyo and sat outside on the boardwalk. It was a very sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. Birds chirped the wind blew a little. My first time on a beach seemed like I've done this my whole life. 


I stared out over the water and watched the surfers. Back home I snowboarded and skateboarded. Boarding felt like my life. I felt so free when I was on the snow, or on my wheels. I sighed.


My mind drifted back to reality when something hit me square in the head. I fell off my chair and landed on my back.


"What the hello kitty just hit me!?" I yelled as I got on my knees. 


"I am so sorry!" Someone said as they helped me to my feet. "I did yell miss watch out."


"Well was in my own little wor... Oh no! My froyo! I killed it!" I cried and knelt down and ever so lovingly picked it up.


Everyone was staring at me like I was crazy. 


"What? Orange froyo is my life," I whined. 


The guy that helped me up smiled and laughed. "I'll buy you another one."


I sniffed and stuck out my lower lip. "Okay. Of you say so." 


He grinned again and lead me inside the shop. As he ordered me me and himself I eyed the waiter who just rolled his eyes at me.


"Better not take too long with my froyo. I'm not in a waiting mood," I gave him a hard time.


He rolled his eyes and actually handed me my cup within a five minute range. I smiled and took it graciously. 


"Now work on getting forks for those who don't like spoons," I said as I took a spoonful of froyo in my mouth. 


The guy who actually killed my froyo laughed. "You're cute. How old are you? Where you from?"


"I'm 20, I'm from Colorado but I just moved here with my parents. And I love my froyo," I said with a cute smile. "And my name is Loghan by the way."


"I'm Devon, I'm 24. I'm a local and I roller skate. Welcome to the neighborhood," he smiled, showing his perfectly white teeth. 


I nodded in response as I put another spoonful in my mouth. I closed my eyes taking in the orange goodness. 


"Well I would love to stay and chat but I best be off. I'm on an adventure," I stated and rose from my seat. "Thanks for killing my froyo then buying me another."


"Anytime. Have fun and be careful," he chuckled as I hopped on my board and rolled off.


Cali was so sunny!

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