Little Bit Of Tomboy

Being a tomboy, Loghan Atkins has a hard time fitting in after she and her family move from Colorado to California. Deciding to explore her new surroundings, she meets Louis Tomlinson without knowing who he is. She soon before curious as things she don't understand to to happen.


1. Rolling Eyes, Rolling Wheels




I stared at my folks as they unloaded the mini van, a lollipop in the corner of my mouth. My dad stopped what he was doing and looked at me.


"Would you mind helping, please?" Dad asked, crossing his arms across his chest. 


I grinned and shook my head. "Not at all, dad." 


I stood there with the grin still on my face as I watched my dad tap his right foot. I could tell he was getting impatient with me.


"Loghan, help your father," Mom stepped in. 


I giggled and lifted up a big box, heavy enough for two people.


"Don't hurt yourself, Lo," Dad said as he grasped the other end.


We both carried it into the large two story house and set it in the long wide hall. I looked around in aw. The floor in the hall was fine wood. The walls even matched. And some of our old family photos hung on push pins. 


Go ahead and choose your room, Lo," Mom said as she walked through a doorway leading to the kitchen. 


I wandered through different rooms downstairs until I came upon a spiral staircase. Looking up it looked as though it went straight up to nothing. My big imagination took the better of me as I gripped my skateboard tighter in my right hand and slowly walked up the stairs. All the while speaking quietly to myself.


"The vast dark spiral stairs loops info utter nothingness as the brave detective slowly makes her way up and up," I whispered to myself. 


Yes I like mystery. But there's nothing more I like then to skateboard around the neighborhood. But seems how I'm 20, you'd think I would drive. Yes I have my license. But I would rather skate and conserve energy then use one of those gas machines that pollute the precious mother earth.


I finally reach the top of the stairs. It only took me a few seconds but with me and my imagination there's no telling how long it felt.


I chuckled to myself as I walked down, yet another, long wide hall. The floors were a tannish like carpet and the walls a dark blue. Nothing hung on the walls but at the end of the hall was a window seat. A very welcoming window seat. 


I set my board against the wall and looked out the clean window and down into the large back yard. This was our new home now. Goodbye cold mountains of Colorado, hello sunny beaches of Malabuo! 


I sighed and made myself comfy on the seat. My dad works for the air force. Or more like "worked" for the air force before he got hurt on the job. Let's just say some idiot didn't check the landing gear on dad's jet and when he went to land, there went one wheel. 


But that was in the past. This is the now, me and my parents in sunny California. I had a feelings something amazing was going to happen. But what I couldn't tell you. 


I glanced back down the hall and looked at the six bedroom doors that stood open. I can't believe I didn't bother to look in the rooms on the way to my new perch. I stood up and walked down the hall, looking through every door to see what room called to me. I finally found one that caught my eye.


I large room with lots of space. A huge closet and fluffy carpet that I bet felt good on bare feet. The best part? The large balcony that overlooked trees. I could see the beach clearly. I could see people laughing, children running around playing with their dogs. I even saw surfers unloading and/or loading their cars. Not to mention people on roller skates and boards. I just couldn't wait to get out there!

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