The Drummer Boy

He is so cute his brown hair, hazel eyes, and plus he is in my brothers band as a drummer. He is so adorable. The way he plays the drums. He is such a sweet guy. We were really close and then one day came and now we don't talk, I am turning depressed, and I need my Drummer Boy back! My name is Hazel and this is my story.


4. The Beach

*Hazel's POV*

I woke up to the sound of light breathing. I opened my eyes and saw Ashton sleep so peacefully. I smiled at him and laid my head down. I laid there listening to his breathing when I saw Calum sit up. He rubbed his eyes and turned around looking at me. I just sat there and looked at him. 

He finally got up and walked over to me. I slowly and carefully got off Ashton without waking him up. 

"Morning love." Calum says hugging me.

"Morning." I say hugging him back.

"Want to go and get coffee with me?"

"Sure." I say putting my shoes on.

I grab my purse and phone. I see Calum walk up to me and we left. Starbucks was not to far away so we walked there. When we finally made it we ordered and sat down waiting for our stuff.

"So how have you been?" Calum asked looking at me.

"Not good."

"Is it because of the things that happened with Michael?"

"Yeah, just after everything. It is kinda hard to come out of depression." I say looking down at my hands.

"Hey, I'm here if you need help." Calum says grabbing my hands.

"Thanks Cal."

"Hazel Clifford." The person at the front yelled.

I walked up grabbing Calum's and mine stuff. I walked back and sat back down.

"Hey, you know Ashton really likes you." 

"Oh shut up." I say looking out the window.

"Oh come on Hazel. You guys are really cute together."

"But isn't he seeing someone. I heard he was seeing someone and why would he wait for someone like me?"

"Because he loves you Hazel. He would wait a thousand years just to be with you. He loves you so much."


"No, buts."

"Isn't he seeing someone else?"

"No, he just sits at home and waits till you came out so he could see you. He was going to try to climb threw your window one night and surprise you."

"Really?" I say looking up at 

"Yeah, but then Michael came over that night."

"Oh." I say putting my head back down.

"Hey, everything is better now that you guys are together again."

"Yeah, but the thing is that I have never really had a true love or someone who loves me for me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, before the bullying got worse. I was talking to this guy I thought was my best friend but he took me out on a date and when I came home he thought no one was home so he pulled me inside and tried to get into my pants. Michael came down and flipped out and now that is kinda why he probably was protective but he can't always seem that every guy is like that. Even his best friend."

"Yeah, I see what your saying. But what happened with him?"

"The next day I went to school and everyone made fun of me and saying things I don't want to say." I say looking out the window.

"Come on lets go." Calum said getting up.

I grab my drink and walk behind Calum. We start walking back to my house when Calum tells me something that makes me really sad.

"So, I know this is a bad time to tell you this but we are leaving to go tour."

"Wait what do you mean?"

"One Direction has invited us to go on tour with them. So we are going to be leaving here in a few days."

"Oh, how long will you be gone?"

"I don't know. I think they said 5 months. Still not sure yet."

"Oh. Well, I hope you guys have fun. You guys might come famous thanks to One Direction."

"You like One Direction?"

"I don't know them but I like their music."

"Maybe, we can get them to let you come and see them."

"That would be fun."

We finally made it home. We went inside to find Michael and Luke up. Both of them were in the kitchen talking when we walked threw.

"Hey Lil' Sis." Michael says coming over to me.

"Hey." I say hugging Michael.

After hugging Michael, Luke came over and hugged me. After that I went upstairs and changed into shorts and a long sleeved shirt. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and went back downstairs to find Ashton still sleeping. I walk over to him and kneeled down getting ready to wake him up.

"Ashton. Ashton wake up." I say shaking him lightly.

"I don't want to get up." He says turning his face away from me.

"Come on Ashton. Please."

"What time is it?"

I look down at my phone checking the time.

"It is 9:45."

"Uhh..... Fine but under one condition."


"You go on a date with me tonight."


"Please. I already asked Michael. I promise, he said it was okay." He says looking at me.

"Okay. As long as its okay. I'll go on a date with you then."

"Awesome." Ashton says smiling at me.

I smile back before standing up. Ashton sits up pulling me into his lap. 

"Ashton, no. I have to go talk to Michael."

"Awe but I want time with you." He says hugging me.

"I know you do. But we will have time later tonight. I promise." I say standing back up.

"Fine." Ashton says getting up.

Ashton and I walk to the kitchen to find everyone else sitting in there talking. 

Once we got in there everyone looked at us and smiled. I gave them a really weird look but shook it off. I went and stood by Michael. Everyone was still kept looking at me weird.


"Oh nothing. Just thinking about what is going to happen later." Luke says.

"Oh my god. Luke shut up." I say looking at Michael.

"Hey Mikey, can we talk?" I ask.


We both walk upstairs and go into the first room which is Michael's room. 

"You okay?" He says by closing the door.

"I just was wondering when mom and dad are coming home?"

"They are coming home Sunday morning."

"So in two days?"


"Okay and I am just wondering are you and Ashton okay now?"

"Yeah why wouldn't we be?"

I give him a 'really' look.

"Okay sorry. That was a bad question."

"Yeah. I just wanted to make sure since he asked me out on a date tonight."

"Yeah, he asked me and talked to me. Now we are okay. I promise."

"Thanks Michael." I say hugging him.

"You know dad won't be happy about this."

"Why not?"

"Remember when we moved here you were talking to that guy who was I think about 4-5 years older than you and then he hurt you, tried to get into your pants and he was just trying to get to you as a joke thing. Now dad won't let you date or see anyone. You know what he will do if he sees Ashton."

"I know but I love him Michael. You know I can't let him go. He means the world to me. You and I, Mainly you, know that Ashton is not like that one guy. I trust Ashton to not do what he did and try to get into my pants."

"I know Hazel. I'll try my best to hide you two. I'll do anything. I just want you to be happy. Yes, I know Ashton well. I know he would not do anything like that. He is a great guy nothing like that other guy."

"Yeah, Thank you Michael." I say hugging him once more.

"We'll figure everything out when they get here right now you need to get dressed and ready to go on a date with Ashton."


Michael and I walk out of his room. I go into my room as he went back downstairs to the boys.

*7:45 PM*

I got dressed into a stripped swimsuit because Michael told me to wear a swimsuit. I put on shorts and a black and white stripped. I put on some TOMS, put my hair into a bun, and went downstairs to see Michael watching TV in the living room. I sat down next to him.

"When he coming to get you?"


"Oh okay."

I looked at the time and it was 7:53. I looked up at the TV and then we heard a knock at the door. I got up saying goodbye to Michael. I opened the door to see Ashton smiling his adorable smile.

"Hey love."

"Hi." I say shutting the door.

"You look beautiful tonight."

"Thanks. You look good yourself."

"Thanks." He says with a big smile showing off his dimples.

I walked over to the side of the car and Ashton opened the door for me. After I got in and he shut the door, he ran to the other side getting in.

"Ready?" He ask putting on his seatbelt.

"Ready." I say putting mine on too.

Ashton starts to drive until we get to the beach. We both get out as I see a beautiful walkway made by lit candles. At the end was a picnic thing. There was a blanket with food, drinks, pillows, and more candles lighting it up. It was so pretty. As we walked down the trail I felt Ashton get close to me and then our hands intertwined with each other. I smiled and continued to walk. Once we got there we sat down right next to each other. We ate as we watched the beautiful sunset go down. It was just so pretty.

"Thirsty?" I ask Ashton.

He nods his head as I grab two coke from the colder. I hand one to Ashton as we continue to watch the sunset. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Not as beautiful as Ashton ;)

"Want to go for a walk?" Ashton asked me.

"Sure." I say smiling.

Ashton stands up giving me a hand to help me up. I take his offer and he pulls me up. We walk down by the edge of the water. Ashton puts his arm around me waist pulling me close to him. I smile as we continue to walk and just talk about the random things. 

As we kept walking I saw something in the sand. Once we got to it, I walked up and started to read it. I felt Ashton coming up close to behind me. It read


Will you go out with me?'

I smiled at what he put on the sand. I turned around to face him.

"Hazel, your really funny, your beautiful, ever since I saw you that one day I knew I had to be with you. You were so kind, caring, and needed someone to be there for her. I loved your smile, your laugh, and the way you are so happy. I want to be with you Hazel. So will you please be my girlfriend?" Ashton says.

I start to blush and look away down at the sand. I am so happy that he finally asked me. I have been waiting for him to so badly.

"Yes Ashton." I say with a big smile looking back at Ashton.

Ashton smile gets really big. He grabs me by my waist and pulls me in close. I start to breath heavy as I see that Ashton and I are only a few inches away from each other. I look up at his eyes noticing them looking at down at my lips and then back up to me. He repeated it two more times. I put my arms around his neck as he leaned in kissing my lips. I smiled into the kiss feeling him do the same thing. As we continued to kiss I felt Ashton lift me up in the air. Are lips still together he spins me around. We apart from one another and smile at each other. This has been the best night of my life. 

After we kissed we went for a late night swim. It was about 9:30 and we decided to head back. Once we got back Ashton walked me to my doorstep.

"Night Baby." He says giving me a quick peck on the lips.

"Night." I say grabbing the door.

I smiled one last time at Ashton before I closed the door blocking the view. I slid down the door as Michael came around the corner.

"So? How did it go?" He asked.

"It was one of the best nights I have ever had."

"Well, I am glad you are happy. I'm glad you had fun."

"Me too." I say standing up.

I walk upstairs, take a shower, and head off to bed with Ashton still on my mind. He has been the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I am glad I can say that someone actually loves me for me.

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