The Drummer Boy

He is so cute his brown hair, hazel eyes, and plus he is in my brothers band as a drummer. He is so adorable. The way he plays the drums. He is such a sweet guy. We were really close and then one day came and now we don't talk, I am turning depressed, and I need my Drummer Boy back! My name is Hazel and this is my story.


5. Surprise

 *Hazel's POV*

*4 Days Later*

Michael and I were waiting for our parents to get home. They had some issues where they were. With the bad weather and stuff like that. But they promised that they would be home today. They said they are going to try to come home but there is really bad weather. I am really scared for them right now. I don't want anything to happen to them but I believe they will be fine.

The boys have been invited by One Direction to go and be there opening act for them. I am so proud of them. Michael is already packing because they leave in 5 days. They are going to go and meet One Direction at the airport.

I was walking to my room when my phone goes off. I grab it out of my back pocket and see a new message from Ashton.

*Hey babe, I have a surprise for you. Can we meet at the ice cream place at 7?*

I smile at his message before replying.

*I would love too!*

I put it back into my pocket before walk into Michael's room. I walk in and see him throwing things on the bed and worried about what the outfits should look like. I roll my eyes at him and then walk over to his bed. I start folding things for him before he walks over to me.

"Have you heard the news?" He ask while folding some cloths too.

"What news?" 

"Oh Ashton never told you?"

"No, but he did say that he has a surprise for me and I have to meet him at the ice cream place at 7."

"Oh okay. Well, he said he wanted to tell you."

"Why can't you?"

"Because he said he wanted too so I let him."

"Uhh, but your my brother."

"And your my sister and I'm not going to say a word to you."

"Your so mean."

"Ah, you know you love me."

"Haha, whatever!" I say laughing.

We continue to fold his cloths until we hear the door open and shut. We both looked at each other and smiled really big. We ran downstairs and there was out parents standing there. We each ran up and hugged each of them. We both have missed them so much!

"How have you guys been?" My father asked.

I stood there not wanting to say anything but thank god I have Michael to say my back.

"We have been good. We just really missed you guys a lot." 

I look up at Michael as he looks down at me. I lip thanks to him. He smiles at me before helping my father take there things up to there room.

"How was the trip?" I ask my mother.

"It was so amazing. I will have to show you the photos when we get them back. It was amazing. Oh and we got you a surprise."

"Really? What about Michael?"

"Oh your dad is giving him a i-tunes gift card and a game that was out there but not here yet."

"Oh that is cool."

"Yeah, well here is your gift thing." She says handing me a card.

I open it up reading it and to find a $50 i-tunes gift card.

"Thanks mum." I say hugging her.

"There is one more thing."


"Follow me." She says walking to the door.

I get to the door and see the boys come down following us. I walk outside to where my mother was.

"Here is your gift." She says opening the door.

I look at the door and see adorable black lab puppy. He was sitting on the seat barking his cute bark. I smiled at how cute he was. I walked over to him and picked him up.

"I love it. This is such a wonderful gift. Thank you." I say hugging my mother and father.

"You have to take care of it now."

"I will. I got a job while you guys were gone. I have already saved 40 dollars but then I had to stop."

"Why?" My father asked.

I froze because I don't want them know what happened.

"They said I worked to many hours so I had to stop for a few weeks which was stupid."

"Thats wrong."

"I know. But hey I'll be working next week. At least I have a job and making money." I say with a smile.

They smile at me before we walk inside. I am still holding the little puppy. I take him up to my room and place him on my bed. I could not think of names for her. I took a picture of my puppy and put it on Instagram. I got a few comments. Then Calum commented say ' Hershey' I laughed at his comment but then thought about it and I really like the name. I commented on my post saying I have figured out the same.

"Hazel can you come down tonight please?" my mother says.

I pick up Hershey and walk downstairs. She ends up falling asleep in my arms as I carry her. I walk into the kitchen to see my parents sitting down with Michael.

"Hello sweetie. Have you decided on a name for the little pup?" My mother ask.

"Yes, her name is going to be Hershey."

"That is a very cute name." She says with a smile.

I go and sit down next to Michael.

"So tonight we are going to be taking you guys out to eat and then to a concert." My father says.

"What concert?" Michael ask.

"You will have to wait and see."

"Fine. What time are we leaving?"

"In an hour. So go and get ready."

Michael and I walk upstairs and then it hits me that I was suppose to meet Ashton for ice cream at 7. Crap, what am I suppose to do. I stood at the top of the stairs thinking. I guess I will just have to call him and tell him I can't make it. 

I walked back into my room and place Hershey on my bed. I grabbed my phone and sat down right next to her. The phone rang three times before he picked up.

*Ashton: A Hazel: H*

A: Hey babe

H: Hey Ash. I have to tell you something

A: Your not breaking up with me right?

H: Haha no Ashton. I'm not. I was calling to tell you that I can not make it tonight because my parents are taking Michael and I out to eat and then we are going to a concert.

A: Awe. Well, can I come over and talk to you?

H: My dad won't allow it. 

A: Here I will call Michael and talk to him and then I'll come over and we can talk okay?

H: Fine. I just don't want you to get in trouble.

A: I won't see you in a little bit.

H: Sound good.

A: Love you

H: Love you too.

Then I hung up the phone. I looked at Hershey and watch her sleep peacefully. I noticed a cut under her left eye and on her front leg.

"Mom." I yell.


"Can you come here?"

I wait to see if she was coming. When she finally opened up the room she walked over to me.

"What did you need?"

"Hershey has a cut on her eye and leg. I never saw it till now."

"That is because the other pups didn't like her. She is a very friendly dog and so sweet. Her mother was a yellow lab and her dad was a black lab. When she had pups they all were a golden color like there mother. She was the only one of that color. So like the other dogs would pick on her. Leave her alone that kind of thing. We didn't know what to get you and we both agreed that you were ready for a dog."

"Awe. Well, I am glad that you guys got her. I love her all ready."

"Well, I am glad." She says walking out.

I laid down on my bed looking up at the ceiling. Hershey walked over to me and laid down on my stomach. She is such a weird dog. I grabbed my phone and played Temple Run since I have nothing else better to do.

I then hear a light knocking on my door.

"Come in." I say slightly laughing because of how Hershey is laying on my stomach.

I turn my head to the left and saw Ashton. I smiled at him and he walked over to me.

"Awe you got a puppy." Ashton says picking her up.

I finally sit up and watch him pet her. 

"I never knew you had one when did you get her?" He ask.

"About 20 minutes ago."

"Oh well that makes sense now." He says with a laugh.

I smile and then I get a text from Calum. 

'Have you heard?'

Omg what was I suppose to hear.

"You okay love?" Ashton says looking at me.

"Kinda, It's just everyone keeps bothering me with 'have you heard' 'I can't wait.' What is going on?"

"Okay so we were informed about the tour right? You know that?"

"Yeah, I know that thanks to Calum."

"Ok. Well, manager told me that I can bring someone on tour with us and I wanted to bring you. Now you won't be able to go to every single concert you might have to stay in the hotel a few times but you will be able to go to most of them and you can meet the band we are going to to open up for them."

"That is fine and yeah I would love to meet them."

"So you will go?"

"Yes, I will go."

He smiled really big at me and I giggled at him. I then looked down at Hershey.

"Maybe I should not go." I say.

"What why?" Ashton says dropping his smile.

"I just got Hershey and you guys leave in a week. I want to stay here with her. I know I will want to stay but I am dying to go."

"Maybe you can bring her."

"But I feel like I am a bother and I don't want her to be a bother and cause it to be a huge bother to all of you guys." 

"First you are not going to be a bother, We all love you. Second the boys saw the picture you posted of you and your puppy on Instagram. Calum showed us and they all were trying to come with me to come and see the new pup. You can bring her with. She will not a bother I promise and neither will you." Ashton says leaning over to me placing a kiss on my lips.

I smiled at him and finally agreed to go. 

"Here is my other question."


"Are we wanting fans to know about us dating or are we wanting to keep it quiet for a bit?"

"See the thing is that I don't want to hide you. I want to show the world that you are mine, but if you want we can just act like friends and then we can show them that we want to take things more serious?"

"I love that idea. I know you want to tell everyone but I don't want like me to just randomly come into the picture. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I understand. Don't worry the fans will love you."

"Yeah, I hope so."

"You will be fine. Oh have you figured out your schooling?"

"Yeah, I am going to talk to my mother about having me homeschooled."

"I think that would be the best for you."

"I agree."

"Hazel you ready? We are leaving in 10 minutes." My father yells up the stairs.

"Yeah, I am almost done."

"I'll be right back. I am going to go and put on my outfit. You can stay here with Hershey or I guess you can go hang with Michael." I say picking up my cloths.

"I'll just stay here with Hershey." He says.

I smile and walk into the bathroom closing the door behind me. I change into the outfit I am going to wear to the concert tonight. I put on this:

Once I was done I walked back out and saw Michael sitting with Ashton. I looked at both of them. Ashton was cross legged with Hershey in his lap. Then Michael was sitting next to him just talking.

"Cute outfit love." Ashton says looking me up and down.

"Thanks babe." I say sitting down next to him.

"Are we leaving now Michael?" I ask looking over at him.

"Yeah, we all should get going."

I picked up Hershey, from Ashton's lap and watched downstairs with her. I felt the boys right behind me as we walked downstairs.

"You and the boys ready?" My father asked.

"Wait boys?" I asked.

"Ashton is going to the same concert so we are letting him come with us. Michael told us." My father said.

"Oh okay."

"You can put Hershey in the kennel I have all ready for her." My mother says.

I walked over and put her in the cage. She laid down and watched as we all left the house. We all hopped into my mom's Suburban. I had to sit all the way in the back. We usually don't crowd the middle section, even thought it can hold three people we both hate that we can get crowed fast and easy so we always separate like this. I put in my headphones and put on All Time Low songs. I looked at the window just enjoying the view. 

I looked forwards and saw my mother and father talking. Then Ashton and Michael playing cards. Ashton looked up at me and smiled his adorable smile. I rolled my eyes and laughed at him. My phone then vibrates in my hand. I look down and see a message from Ashton.

From: Ash <3

'You are the reason for my smile'

Oh my god Ashton I say to myself. Knowing he is watching me I don't even look up. I just keep my head down and smile. After a few seconds I slowly picked up my head to see Ashton still watching. I smile at him and just shake my head.

To: Ash <3

'And you are the reason for my smile'

I watched as Ashton looked down and smiled at my text. He looked up at me and lipped a 'I love you.' I did the same back at him.

"We are here." My dad says as we all get out of the car.

I don't know what place it is but it was a nice restaurant. We all sat down and ate. Once we were finish eating we headed over to a concert. 

"Here are your tickets." My mother says handing Michael and I our ticket.

"We will come and get all three of you guys at 11. Have fun." My father says.

They both get back into the car and leave. I look at my ticket and see that it is a All Time Low ticket. I smiled big at Michael and Ashton before we go inside the place. Ashton walks up to the side of me and holds my hand as we walk. I just smile and keep my face to the front.

We found our seats and waited for the concert to start.

*After Concert*

We all made our way back to the car. I see that only my mother is in the car to pick us up. We all hopped into the car. I had sat in between the two boys as we drove home. I had such a fun day but that one thing is still on my mind. Am I going to go with them on tour?

I lean on Ashton as we drive down the road listening to the radio. I can feel my eyes slowly start to shut. I felt Ashton shift and put his arm around me. I got really comfortable and just passed out. 

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