The Drummer Boy

He is so cute his brown hair, hazel eyes, and plus he is in my brothers band as a drummer. He is so adorable. The way he plays the drums. He is such a sweet guy. We were really close and then one day came and now we don't talk, I am turning depressed, and I need my Drummer Boy back! My name is Hazel and this is my story.


3. Fireworks

*Michael's POV*

*3 Weeks Later*

'Your not goin walk away. 

Don't be shy

I'll show you why

Your not going to walk away.' We all sang.

"Nice job guys. Break time?" Calum asked.

"Sure." We all agreed.

We all walked inside to the kitchen. Once we got in there I saw my sister. This was actually the first time in like 3 weeks that I have seen my sister. She looks up at me and the she looks over at Ashton. She then gets tears in her eyes and runs off. I then I hear the door shut to her room.

"Hey Mikey. Everything okay?" Luke asked.

"I don't even know. That is like the first time I have seen her in like 3 weeks."


"Yeah. She stays in her room all the time now."

"Im sorry. What happened?" Calum asked.

"I rather not talk about it."

"Okay. Maybe another time."

The boys sit down at the table while I grab water for all of us. I just really want time to go back to that day when I yelled at Ashton and Hazel. If I didn't get mad then things would not be this way. I gave everyone their water and sat down next to Calum.

"Hey Michael. Why don't you try talking to Hazel?" Luke ask.

"She won't listen. If you guys knew what happened you would understand why."

"Why can't you tell us?"

"Because I just can't"

*Hazel's POV*

I haven't talk to anyone in days. I have tried contacting Ashton but he never replies to me. I sit there looking at my phone waiting for his text but it never comes. It just hurts so bad, the one you love won't talk to you anymore. Ever since that night I have locked myself in my room. Haven't spoken to anyone. The only time I come out of my room is when I have to go to the bathroom, at night when Michael is sleeping to get something to eat, and watch TV. 

 I sit in my room listening to my music. I then hear the boys playing again. I slowly went out of my room and down to the kitchen. I grabbed some yogurt and water then run back to my room. Once I get to my room I pick out four movies. I pick out Titanic, Let's Be Cops, Orphan, and Annabelle. 

*6 Hours Later*

I finally got done with my movies. It was about 11 at night when I finally went to sleep. I was having a really bad dream when I heard someone shaking me to try to wake me up. When I finally woke up I saw Michael shaking me awake. He stopped shaking me when he saw I was awake. I was even shocked to see him in here with me. The first thing I did was jump at him and hug him. It was a scary and sad dream. I cried into Michael's shoulder for a while. I then pulled away from him laying back down. I start to cry not knowing what to do. I didn't want to talk to him.

*Michael's POV*

It was about 11: 30ish when I heard crying and screaming. I jumped out of bed running into Hazel's room. I saw her reaching out with her hand like she was trying to stop someone. She was crying and yelling a name I never thought I hear.

"ASHTON NO. PLEASE" She keep yelling.

I knew then that I could not keep two people who love each other apart. Even if it is my sister and my best pal. They really do love each other. Hazel is so different now since I told Ashton to say away. Every time we are practicing sometimes his phone would go off. It would mainly be Hazel texting him asking him to answer back. He has tried a few times but I keep taking his phone and deleting the messages.

I sit down on the bed grabbing Hazel trying to wake her up.

"Hazel. Hazel wake up." I say shaking her lightly.

After a little bit she finally wakes up. When she finally sees that Im here with her she jumps at me and hugs me. She then starts crying. I hug her and start rubbing her back calming her down. She had finally pulled away from me and laid back down turning away from me. I shook my head and walked out. I am going to get my sister and Ashton back together.

*Hazel's POV*

I woke up the next day to the house being quiet. I looked at the time and saw it was 11:30. Weird, I usually would heard them practicing. I walked out of my room and no where to be noise or sound. I thought maybe they would be out. I walked downstairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water and two rice crispy bars. I walked back upstairs. I was looking down at the ground not paying attention to busy thinking about what to do. I got to my door. Right before I could turn the knob for my door I see not two feet but four feet. I slowly pick my head up and see those amazing eyes that I have been dying to see. I continued to look at the green/hazel eyes. I finally stopped and started to cry. I ran into my room shutting my door and locking it. I put the water and rice crispy bars on my night stand. 

I then laid down in my bed crying. I wish he would talk to me. I wish we could hang out like we use to I just want things to go back to the way they were before.

I finally stop crying and put in the movie Let's Be Cops. I love this movie. It is just so funny.

*1 hour later*

I was a little over half way of the movie when I saw a slip of paper come under my door. I paused my movie and walked over to my door picking up the paper.

~Hazel Iris

I know that you and Michael are in a fight right now. Know that the rest of us are here for you. Tonight is the 4th of July. We all know how much you love to go and see the fireworks. Well, the boys are going somewhere to party and I don't want to go. So I was wondering if you want to go with me to see the fireworks? I know you haven't talk to anyone in a while but I just thought it would be fun. If you want to go be dressed and ready by 6:30. Meet me by the pool out back then we can go. I hope to see you.


I do love fireworks. Luke has always been so sweet to me and caring. I look at the time and it is already 6. I shut my laptop and get out of bed. As long as Michael will not be there I probably should go. My parents will be home tomorrow night so I probably should start getting out more but I do not want to talk to Michael at all. I probably won't be able to talk to Ashton either. He probably already has a new girl in his life and is happy.

I shake that out of my head and put on shorts and a cute shirt on top. I braided my hair a little bit and then but it back into the bun. Like I did when..........when I went on that date with Ashton. That thought in my head kept coming, did Ashton move on? Is he happy now?

I finally got done getting ready. I slid on my white high top converse shoes. I opened my door and I heard the TV playing in Michael's room. I looked at the time and it was 6:27. I walked downstairs and out the back door. I looked around and didn't see Luke anywhere. Then someone came outback. I turned around and there was Luke.

"Hazel." He said with a shocking face.

I gave him a really small smile.

"You ready?" He asked.

I just shook my head as a yes. We both walked back threw the house and out to Luke's truck. We both got in and we were off to our spot to see the fireworks. We got to the gravel road. There was a few people sitting in there trucks waiting. Fireworks don't start till 7:15

"You know Hazel. This is going to be a really long night if you don't talk." Luke said once we stopped at our spot.

"Sorry. I just haven't talked to anyone in a long time and there is really nothing to talk about."

"Well, how you holding?"

"Not good." I say looking down.

"Yeah, I heard about what happened."

"You did?"


"Oh, you going to say something about it?"

"No, it's just what Michael did was wrong."

"Yeah, Now I kinda wish that I never agreed to go on that date with Ashton."

"What! I am glad you went on that date."

"You are?"

"Yes. Ashton is so happy now. Ever since his ex cheated on him he thought he would never find someone else and then you guys moved here and everything changed for him."

"I never knew that."

"He is crazy about you Hazel. That night he came back to Calum's and mine place. He was crying so badly. Then when he started talking about you and what you guys did he smiled and totally forgot about what happened. He loves you Hazel."

."Yeah, I know. I love him too. I just wish Michael would let us be."

"How about you make me a deal?"


"You come out of your room hang with me and I can try to talk to Michael."



"Thanks Luke." I say hugging him.

We both get out of the truck. We grab the sparklers and the blankets. We set the blanket up and wait. Luke gets out the sparklers lighting them.

"I feel like a little kid again." I say moving the sparkler around.

I look up at Luke smiling. Then my smile stops when I see my brother coming up behind Luke.

"What are you doing here." I say mad.

"Michael?" Luke said surprised.

"I need to talk to you Hazel."

"I don't want to talk to you."

"Please. I came here to say I'm sorry."

"What?" I say looking at him.

"I am sorry about what I did that night. I was just tired and confused about you two hanging out together. I just do not want to see you get hurt Hazel. It's enough that I have to see you come home from school with bruises and cuts. I just want to protect you from getting hurt again." He says with tears in his eyes.

"Awe Mikey." I say hugging him.

We stand there hugging each other. I finally pull away from him.

"Thanks Michael but to be honest I think Ashton moved on and is probably seeing someone else. He won't text me back or anything."

"He is not seeing anyone else. The only person he wants to see if you. The reason why he won't text you back is because every-time he gets a message from you I would take his phone and delete the messages."

"What? Michael how could you."

"I'm sorry. I was just upset and not ready to let you see someone."

I finally stay silence for a while. I looked at the time and there was still 5 minutes till the fireworks go off. I see that everyone is here but not Ashton. Which makes me really upset. I walk over to Calum and give him a hug.

"Wow, I just realized how much I have really missed your hugs." Calum says laughing.

"Sure you have." I she back laughing.

"Well, they are the best."

"Of course they are." I say walking away laughing.

I stood there looking at the sparkler deciding if I want to light it or no. I stood there just looking at the unlit sparkler. Then the memories kept coming back of when Ashton and I first met. To when we would hang out, when he would help me with my homework, to that night where we had our first kiss together. Those were the days that Michael would never know about.

"Hazel?" Someone said touching my shoulder causing me to jump.

"Yeah?" I say turning around.

"Michael has a surprise for you."

"Okay?" I says confused.  

I walk over to Michael. He smiles at me and I give him a weird look. Michael came up behind me covering my eyes. I couldn't see anything. I stood there waiting. All I could really do was smell. I could smell Michael scent but then I could smell a different scent. I reached out in front of me and no one was there. I even stretched out my leg and still no one. 

"Hazel, like I've said before I'm sorry so I am going to make it up to you." Michael said before taking away his hands.

My vision was blurry at first but then it cleared up and standing a little bit in front of me was Ashton. I turned around to Michael and he just nodded at me. My smile grew and I looked at Ashton. He was smile big and I saw a tear go down his face. Seeing him cry makes me want to cry. I then notice that I was getting tears in my eyes. I then ran off to Ashton. He came walking over to me. I jumped up into his arms. When I was about in the arm Ashton caught me and pulled me to him knowing that I am only 5'2 and he is 6'0. I latched on to him and just started to cry into the cock of his neck. I then felt Ashton start crying. I start rubbing his back.

"I have miss you so much Hazel." Ashton says.

"I have been dying to talk to you. It was never the same without you." I say looking him in the eyes.

Ashton looked me right in the eyes then looked down and back up. I laughed at his cuteness. I put my hand on the back of his head and pull him close. The second our lips touched, I heard the first firework go off. I smiled during the kiss. We finally stopped to catch our breath. Ashton laid his forehead on mine looking into my eyes and smiling. I could feel my checks heat up and I continued to smile back at him.

Ashton then took me over to the truck. He placed me on the tail of the truck and then sat down next to me. We both laid back on the blanket looking up at the sky watching the pretty fireworks. I slowly felt Ashton's hand crawling over to mine. Soon enough he was holding my hand. I just sat there enjoying this amazing moment.

*Later That Night*

Michael invited the boys to stay over. Of course I was more happy about it than anyone else. We all went inside, put the movie Orphan in, grabbed pillows and blankets, and camped out in the living room. Ashton had called the big couch and I was going to lay on the floor. 

*1 hour later*

Everyone was asleep except for Ashton and I. The movie was still going. They were having that pretty party at night. I turned around facing Ashton. He moved around on the couch until he was upside down on the couch. I laughed at him and he laughed back. I started messing with his curly hair. 

"Don't mess up my hair." Ashton complained.

"Oh shut up. Now you are sounding like a girl."

"Oh I sure feel loved."

"I bet you do." I say winking at him.

"Your so mean." He says covering up his face.

"Awe Ashton. No don't cry I didn't mean to make you cry." I say trying to pull his hands away.

I finally got them away from his face. Ashton had his eyes closed. I tilted my head looking at him confused. 

"Ashton you better wake up." I say.

Nothing. I shook my head.

"Well, then I guess you won't get this kiss from me."

"What?" He said opening his eyes.

"Well, that sucks now doesn't it." I say pulling the blanket on me.

I could see Ashton roll over and laying back down.

"I want that kiss."

"Well, you won't get it now." I say about to lay down.

Then I felt a pair of hands on my waist. I started to pull away but Ashton was to strong. He pulled me all the way onto the couch with him. I continued to try to get away but couldn't. Once I gave up I saw that I was laying on top of Ashton.

"I could sleep like this." He said smiling.

"I bet you could." I say.

Ashton lifted his head. I leaned forward and kissed Ashton. After we kissed I grabbed a blanket and put it over both of us. Ashton smiled putting his arms around my waist holding me tight and close to him. I just glad to get my Drummer boy back.

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