The way i love you (mindless behavior love story)


2. chapter 2

Taylor Pov

coming home from da park and i see a mustang in the drive way of the hugest house on the block.the people that lived there moved.that car SEXY DOE but anyways im finna check out da people that live dere

ding dong

??: hello

taylor:hi my name is taylor  perez but my friends call me: domo, taytay ,tay bear and mom

??: hey beautiful im rayray but you can call me yours

taylor: umm uhh woah okay then

ray: you wanna come in

taylor: yeah

he stepped to da side to let her in

taylor: dang this house is HUGE

ray: (mumbles) so is dis dick

  taylor: wat you said

ray: thank you i said thank you

taylor: mmhm sure

ray: guys bring dat ass here bois we got a visitor

three guys run downstairs shirtless in gym shorts

taylors thots in her head:

DAMN ray ray fuckin fine as fuck in fuckin person fuck shit fuck fuck

roc damn he cute

prodigy he jus lookin how he lookin

princeton,my sexy mushroom misfit he is well sexy but ion really like him like dat way but him and normani would make a cute ass couple not even kidding ima try to get them together

in reality

boys: hey shawty

taylor: hey let me guess roc royal, prodigy,and princeton

prodigy: how you know

taylor: cus dis ray ray

ray: wat happened to yo proper grammar and shit

taylor: i use tht when i meet new ppl/things like today i met three ppl roc princeton and prodigy

ray: you forgot someone

taylor: no i got all the PEOPLE i met today roc princeton and prodigy yeah thats all of them

ray: so what bout me 
taylor: oh your da thing in this case **said in flirty way while playing wit his hair**

boysXray: FLIRT GAME

ray: stfu niggahs

taylor: yeah wat he said

.roc: aww look at them growing up sharing  the same thots

ray: unlike you i dont got thots wit yo hoein ass

roc:fuck you bitches

taylor: rather fuck ray ray

ray: oh really :)

taylor: yeah

prodigy: shouldnt have said that taylor

roc: at all

ray: well ill be back *went to da bathroom*

princeton: taylor alexis perez

taylor: jacob emmanuel perez

princeton: dont call me my government name honey boo boo

taylor: dont call me my government name precious

princeton: oh hell naawwww...... anywhore waht you think bout ray ray

taylor: he has a small bladder

princeton: true but dat aint what i mean

taylor: what you mean then

princeton: do you like him

taylor: have to SWEAR on your life NOT to tell him

princeton: i swear on my life not to tell ray ray

taylor: come here cus i dont want roc and prodigy to know

sticks her tongue in his ear

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