The way i love you (mindless behavior love story)


1. chapter 1

Normani Pov 

thats me right there i aint eva goin no where he aint eva goin nowhere that right there thats me right ther- i turned of my alarm it said 2:35 pm went to the bathroom did my hygiene thing and took a shower, did my hair, throw on red and white gym shorts white tank top and red vans.

talking to herself

normani: what is ima wear to da concert

self: call Taylor dumb ass

Mani: dont call me dumb ass ya dumb ass shit face bitch ima call taylor doe

convo with taylor

taylor: heyy boo 

Mani: heyyy wyd 
taylor: at da park with sister 

Mani: oh

Taylor: wat you called for 

Mani:can you help me pick sumfin to wear to da concert 
taylor: wat time da concert 
Mani:8:30/9:00 sumwhere there 
taylor: ill be there @ 6:45

Mani:bye boo thang 

taylor: bye

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