Was it love at first sight?

Shizou Heiwajima lived a peaceful life in Japan until one day he met ... Izaya Orihara


3. Wait !? What just happened?

Izaya woke up, to see some random guy leaning in with his lips pouted, acting like he was just about to kiss him. He tried to push this weirdo away and was surprised by his strength as he stood his ground. The guy opened his eyes and said,"Oh, you're finally awake." Acting like nothing happened. His eyes scanned the room, where am I he thought, what happened to me and just who is this guy? He started to study him, his face, his muscles, his build and his actions. He found this guy peculiar and yet oddly cute with his bartender uniform and scruffy blonde hair, now he was regretting that he had pushed him away. 

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