Was it love at first sight?

Shizou Heiwajima lived a peaceful life in Japan until one day he met ... Izaya Orihara


5. To fill you in on what happened between chapter 3 and 4


After this random guy (Izaya) had woken up whilst Shizou tried to kiss him there was an awkward silence in the room. They just sat there and after a while of trying to ignore each other by darting their eyes around the room, their eyes finally met. They just sat and stared at each other, each studying the others facial features. Then finally Shizou pipped up the courage to speak,"Who are you?" He asked, his voice barely audible. Izaya being more confident than Shizou answer but much louder," I'm Izaya Orihara, an information dealer, that's why I was with that gang, if you were wondering. And who are you? Wouldn't my host be so kind to introduce himself to me?" He said in very playful manner.Shizou replied, " Well of course, as you can see I'm obviously Shizou Heiwanima, the strongest man in the world. That's how I saved you." 

"Oh okay," Izaya replied and another long period of awkward silence followed until Izaya said," Well I better be off but thank you for your hospitality." They both stood up and Shizou led him to the door and opened it for him, and just as Izaya was passing he grabbed his arm and pulled him closer, then he whispered in his ear," I like you, Izaya-kun."

"I like you too, Shizou-chan," he whispered back as he left the building.

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