Was it love at first sight?

Shizou Heiwajima lived a peaceful life in Japan until one day he met ... Izaya Orihara


2. Just who is this guy?

Shizou didn't even think about what he was doing, he just ran at the gang and started beating everyone up with his immense power. He was the strongest man in the world. The guy lay on the ground unconscious and covered in cuts and bruises and once Shizou was done with the gang he picked the guy up and took him to his house, where he tended to his wounds. He had so many questions for him, who are you? What does that gang want with you? Why were you with them alone? and why are you so cute? He couldn't stop thinking about this guy who just lay there unconscious, seeming so peaceful after all that he went through, his black hair so soft, eyes so knowledgeable and lips so enticing, he just wanted to lean in and kiss him. And so he leant in and just as he was about to kiss him, the guy woke up.

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