Was it love at first sight?

Shizou Heiwajima lived a peaceful life in Japan until one day he met ... Izaya Orihara


4. And so they meet again.

*a few days later*

Izaya, after recovering from his injuries, arives at Shizou's place to see if he's home. He keeps saying that he's just there to thank him but deep down in his heart he knows there is another, stronger reason. He wants to see Shizou again, especially after what happened the other day. He walks up to the door and before he can even knock, Shizou has already opened it and has a huge grin on his face. He opens his arms as in to invite Izaya for a hug, and Izaya runs and jumps into his arms. They embrace, their faces so close to each other's and before they knew it they were both leaning in towards each other for a kiss. It was such a passionate kiss, the kiss of two lovers who had not seen each other in a while.

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