Mikayla was part of a band but it wasn't well known in fact not known at all the band got a twitter account and followed there favourite bands but what they didn't expect was a follow back from 5SOS


7. tripping

"Yeh same I just expected u too say that wasn't ok and like wanna go home or something or want to sleep in the car"

" Calum as long as u don't try anything with me it's fine but I warn u I'm a cuddler"

" yeh same I bet ur cuddles r amazing"

"Yeh maybe not"

"Yeh I'm sure there amazing"

"where here guys" Ashton said

"Finally" Luke said stretching his arms to full capacity

"Yes" I stretched my arms and climbed out of the car walking up to the room the boys had reserved I walked in with Calum straight behind me as soon as i walking in Calum and I flopped onto the queen size mattress and then I decided to go get changed I wore a long over sized shirt and a pair of boxers took my hair out and walked back into the room where Calum was already dressed well technically he was just wearing his boxers exposing his chiseled chest.

"u like what u see Miki"

"u wish Calum u wish"

he smirked and i walked over to the bed where he was laying watching TV i lay beside him and he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer as i yawned

"go to sleep beautiful" and with that i fell into a deep sleep"


i was in a dark alley way and there was nobody but me until a man with no mouth approached me i ran and ran but he kept popping up everywhere and i couldn't get away

nightmare over

i woke up in a ball of sweat Calum was now awake and freaking out about me 

"whats wrong miki r u ok"

"yeh i'm i'm fine i swear i get the dreams all the time"

"what its not a dream if u wake up sweating and practically crying what happened"

"um well ur going to laugh about this but this guy from Teen Wolf has no mouth and my dream always has him in t and he is always popping up everywhere and it scares the shit out of me"

"oh that sucks its fine when ur with me ur fine i will protect u now do u want to go get something to eat"

"it's like 3 in the morning Cal where is open a 3 in the morning"

"McDonalds and the worlds best diner in town"

"ok but Ash has the keys to the car and i'm not wearing this any where so how do u suppose we get there and where am i gonna get clothes from"

"we can walk and would u wear a shirt of mine and ur black shorts"

"yeh what shirt tho"

"my Santa Cruz one"

"yeh omg i'm ust gonna fan girl for one second ahhhhh i have always wanted to wear that shirt but usually i didn't imagine it would be because we were going to a diner at 3 in the mornin"

"why else would u be wearing my shirt"

"um i dont know maybe i lost mine"

"ok hurry up i will wait out side u have 1 minute if ur not ready by then i'm coming back in"

"fine 1 minute starting now"

 i pulled my boxers down and replaced them with my jeans and when i pulled the shirt over head Calum walked in and i was only in my black lacy bra the one Calum had chosen in the rush yesterday 

"nice bra Miki i thought u weren't bringing that and i don't know bout u but it's a bit sexy don't u think"

"get out Calum i'm basically nude here"

"no u have pants on actually"

"shut up"

"ok put the shirt on already"

"i am ok" i pull the shirt over my head and walk out the door with Calum walking to the Diner really made me get to know him more it also confirmed alot of the things i already knew cause of fan sights like he hate salt and vinegar chips, he's not asian and he is in a band called 5SOS which i already knew but i also found out things about his family and him growing up and i mean i felt more comfortable with him he had already seen me in a bra which was pretty weird and uncomfortable.

"hey Mikayla can i ask u something"

"sure what what do u wanna know''

"well i really like u Mikayla and i was wondering um willugooutwithmeMikayla" he said almost way to fast and jumbled up so i didn't understand a freaking thing

"what did u say slow down i couldn't understand a word u said"

"Mikayla will u go out with me"

"yes Calum i would luv to go out with u"

he pulled me in so i was centimeters away from his face before placing a soft kiss on my lips and slowly pulling away 

"that was our first kiss Cal"

"yep and it won't be the last beautiful"

i kissed his cheek and we walked back to the motel hand in hand before we realised it was only 5 so i decided to go back to bed in what we were wearing i nuzzled my head into his chest and fell back asleep 


i woke up still with my head nuzzled into Calum chest tightly i slowly crept out of the bed where i had been sleeping an walked next door to get the keys from Ash so i could get changed before we left to continue our journey to Sydney. I got the keys got changed and woke up Calum

''babe wake up we have to go soon"

"never princess i'm to tired"

"to tired for a kiss"

"never i mean i'm always up for a kiss"

"well if u want a kiss get ur ass up get dressed and come find me" and with that i rushed out the door towards Luke's room to hide from Calum. i heard him knocking on all the boys door and i was hiding under the bed in Luke's room which he still didn't understand but Calum would. 

"Luke is Mikayla in here" Calum said and i tried really hard to keep my laughter in

"no mate haven't seen her" i couldn't keep it in i burst out into laughter and couldn't stop Calum dragged me from under the be and started tickling me like crazy before kissing me right in front of Luke

"um Calum we need to explain something to Luke"


"Luke me and Calum r dating"

"since when"

"last night please don't tell the other boys yet"

"ok cool but u know Mikey's going to be super sad right"

"why would he be sad Luke" i asked questionably 

"he likes u too Mikayla "

"ohhhh shit i didn't know"

"so if u knew would u have gone out with him instead of me"

"of course not Cal i like u i don't like Mikey in that way babe"

"ok then my lady" he reached for my hand walking both me and him out the door followed by Luke then we joined the rest of the boys who shot awful glares at each other when Calums hand was still attached to mine i gripped tighter and we walked to the car back on the way to Sydney.

"Miki" Mikey said and i looked at Calum who was passed out

"yes Mikey"

"will u go to dinner with me tonight just us"

"um Mikey i'm sorry dude but i'm dating Calum and i really like him and i don't think its a good idea"

"oh i just assumed u guys hooked up last night i didn't think u were dating"

"no we didn't even hook up last night cause he's a gentleman instead we went to a diner at 3 in the morning"

"oh ok" the rest of the ride was almost always quiet until Calum woke up and seemed a little bit touchy cause he was feeling all the way to the top of  my thigh and constantly trying to start makeout sessions in the car with the boys around us

"Calm down Calum hands off babe we r in the car full of ur mates and ur trying to touch me"

"sorry babe i didn't mean to be that touchy i'm just a bit over this car and i keep seeing the image of u in the bra in my head i'm sorry"

''what bra" Luke asked

"no bra i don't know what he's talking about he's a bit horny i think and he's imagining things" i shot a glare a Calum who winked at me

"where here people" Ashton said pointing towards a huge house 

"who's house is this boys" i asked 

"that would be mine beautiful" Calum said

"it amazing babe"

"thank you cutie"

we walked to the front door and rang the door bell when we were greeted by Calum's mum and sister who obviously had an idea i was coming 

''u must be Mikayla the girl Calum can't ever spend ten minutes without talking about i'm Mali by the way"

"hey Mali i would be that Mikayla" Calum then interrupted 

"she's my girlfriend now actually so be nice"

''ohhhhh Cally Wally has a girlfriend" Mali shouted and i laughed but Calum came up and started kissing me and being feely again

"Calum around ur mum an ur sister" i whispered

"yep i can't help it u drive me crazy"

"keep it in ur pants Calum Thomas Hood" is all i could hear his mum say and again i started to laugh then intoduce myself to her

"hello Mrs Hood i'm Mikayla nice to meet u"

"ohh u don't have to call me Mrs Hood makes me sound old call me Joy love" ad with that she left soon the boys were dropped home and it was just Calum and me at his house

"hey babe i should get a hotel its getting late"

"don't be silly u can sleep in my room i will sleep on the couch


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