Mikayla was part of a band but it wasn't well known in fact not known at all the band got a twitter account and followed there favourite bands but what they didn't expect was a follow back from 5SOS


8. sleeping

"what about we cuddle instead um i mean will ur parents care"

"um well we have to keep the door open but it should be fine"

"good ok goodnight"

"ah ah ah ah ah not so fast baby kiss first"

"nope catch me if u can"

i ran down stairs and i hid underneath the kitchen bench and heard Calum run behind me pulling me in and i squirmed out of his grip running upstairs hiding under the un kept covers that were thrown on his bed

"where is my beautiful girlfriend" i nearly screamed as he gripped my waist pulling me up from the bed kissing me softly and then swiping my bottom lip with his tongue asking for access which i gladly gave him after a small makeout session i pulled away. 

"yucky i have boy now cooties gross" 

"u didn't seem to mind about 10 seconds ago babe"

"ok but i'm tired sleep time now Cal"

"ok babe"

i laid down under the covers and Calum snuggled into my chest and my head was rested in the crook of his neck 

"i luv u Mikayla"

did i luv him? i mean i like him alot but do i really luv him? yes yes i do 

"i luv u too Calum"

he pressed a kiss on my forehead and i drifted off to sleep 

i was in a dark alley way and there was nobody but me until a man with no mouth approached me i ran and ran but he kept popping up everywhere and i couldn't get away

i had the dream again but this time i didn't wake up maybe it was because of Calum i had been having those dreams for weeks and this was the only time i haven't woken up it was definitely Calum he helped me and i luved him so much for that.

i woke up at 7 in the morning with Calum not beside me but i heard singing in the kitchen so i walked down the steps to find calum completely naked only wearing a beanie cooking something

"what in the actual fuck r u doing"

"oh um cooking breakfast"


"yeh i just got out of the shower and u were asleep so i didn't want to wake u up"

"ahhhhh turn around again i don't wanna see that ahhhh Cal cover up"

"oh sorry i forgot my parents have gone out so were alone i'll go get dressed can u give me the towel"

"yep sure" i  threw the towel at him and walked to the plate that was lying on the bench for me with a note attached

enjoy xoxo Cal

i took my plate and sat down at the bench eating the bacon and eyes Calum made me before Calum came back down stairs he snaked his hands around my waist again and placed his head on my shoulders

"what's up babe" he said slowly kissing my neck

"eating my amazing breakfast what about u"

"looking at my amazingly hot girlfriend"

''oh who where is she"

"u silly" he peppered kisses down my neck 

"cal no babe" 

"what babe i'm just kissing u"

"point exactly i can smell ur breath from here and it stinks"

'' oh but babe"

"no brush ur teeth u stink"

"fine but i'll be back oh and the boys will be here in about 2 minutes so hurry up and get dressed"

"ok fine i'll get dressed" i ran up stairs threw on my blink 182 shirt and my black high waisted jean shorts and walked down stairs were all the boys were sitting

"hey Miki" Luke said



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