Mikayla was part of a band but it wasn't well known in fact not known at all the band got a twitter account and followed there favourite bands but what they didn't expect was a follow back from 5SOS


12. skip the movie

"hey CAl"


"why don't we skip the movie go do the twitcam"

"yehhhh lets do it"

"can we go now i'm kind of cold"

"here take this" he said wrapping his coat around my shoulders

"oooohhhhh thanks Kiwi"

"anytime babe do u wanna go now"

"yeh when we get back i will have a shower than we can twitcam"

"ok" he reached for my arm and pulled me up walking hand in hand to the car

hey guys long time no see sorry this chapters short and i haven't updated in a while i have been at school and dealing with boy dramas and shit so i am really sorry i won't give u bull shit about this because i know i probab;y won't update for a while now and again i'm sooooo sorry but i have a life too :)


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