Mikayla was part of a band but it wasn't well known in fact not known at all the band got a twitter account and followed there favourite bands but what they didn't expect was a follow back from 5SOS


3. Meet And Greet

"I tweeted the boys my address and got up and got dressed into my green day shirt and my black skinny jeans then Tiana came over she was pissed obviously she had just found out about the whole situation and she was only wearing a pair of baggy sweats and a loose tank top. I told her to go home and be back within 30 minutes cause the boys would be here by then. I got a tweet from Ashton and figured that the boys were all following me so i tweeted back.

@AshtonIrwin @MikaylaJade4MOS were 30 seconds away i think u live on Macro Ave right 

@MikaylaJade4MOS @AshtonIrwin ok but Tiana isn't here yet so u will meet her when she gets here see u soon oh and yeh Macro Ave:)

@AshtonIrwin @MikaylaJade4MOS ok were out the front.

i walked to my front door and saw the 4 boys which i had fallen in love with before greeting them i pulled on one of my bandana headbands from Jays Jays and walked out the front I saw Luke first who was towering over me then Mickey who of course was playing his PS vita then I saw Ashton with his signature smile then of course there was Calum who obviously felt like a hug today as he grabbed me in for a extremely tight hug it was actually the best hug i ever had but of course i pulled away i mean i would have looked like i was obsessed with Calum which to be honest i was he was my favourite of all the boys. i kept pulling away from his tight grip and finally released me but he looked me up and down when i  finally realized we were wearing the exact same Green Day.

"u have a great taste in music and clothes"

"thank u do too but i defiantly think i should change i mean we r basically matching"i said blushing like crazy

'' no u look cute keep it on i dont mind" he said obviously he wasn't lying as he kept eyeing me up and down

i walked them through to my living room and they sat on the couch and i quickly texted Tiana before asking the boys if they wanted a drink or any food after i did that i walked up stairs and tried to pick out a new top i had hoped none of the boys would come in as all four walls in my room were covered with posters of them, Green Day, Blink182, Nirvana and the rest of my favorite bands not to mention the fact that i had a 5SOS beanie lying on my night stand and thanking my lucky stars nobody came in so i chose a new shirt it was a normal Nirvana smiley face shirt. i walked back down stairs and realized i had left my phone on the coffee table in front of the boys and they were laughing at it oh shit it was Tiana and the text read;

OMG i'm 2 minutes away u get to finally meet ur bae Calum ahhh and i get to meet Luke

I grabbed my phone and walked into the kitchen of my flat. i had recently moved out as my family and i had a falling out and i basically got kicked out so i moved into a one bedroom flat. then the door bell rang i knew it was Tiana so i walked to the front she gave me a smile and walked past me straight to the out to the lounge room introducing herself and sitting in between Luke and Ashton. i followed close by with a bag of Doritos and salsa and sat on the floor still blushing at the fact that Calum had seen the message from Tiana we started talking about touring and local pub performances we had done they had much the same experience until they hit it big with One Direction. Soon it was late in the afternoon and Tiana had to go home because her parents were due to come home and the house was probably still in a mess from the party so it was me, Calum, Luke, Mikey and Ash left after a while i decided to order pizza the boys sat on the lounge playing with my bass of course everyone of them had no clue how to use it apart from Calum who just played a tune that sounded familiar then they found my acoustic across the room and started playing that too after a while the pizza arrived and i knew that Michael loved pizza so i bought him his own pizza they all rushed over and opened the boxes revealing steam as they pulled the pizzas to bits before long Michael had finished his pizza but kept asking for more then the the boys started singing

''Michael wants another slice, Michael wants another slice PIZZA PIZZA"  

i laughed at this before giving Michael another slice. it was about 12:00 that night before the guys decided they should book a hotel seeing it was about an hour drive to the actual hotel they were staying at which but i ended up offering them to stay on my couch for the night because they looked really tired and i mean being on tour for 12 months must be quite tiring. I set the boys up with the blankets and went upstairs to remove my makeup and get changed before walking downstairs and getting a coffee after that i sat with the boys turned Netflix on and turning on a movie after the movie I said goodnight to the boys and went upstairs i shut my door unlocked my phone and looked at my messages most were from my mum about the holidays and Christmas day which was only a week away that would be the reason the boys were back in Australia was for the holidays but to think just a week ago Tiana and i were rejects who were part of a band who weren't known and we still weren't but we had met our celeb crushes and they were sleeping in my flat on my couch. I drifted off to sleep before there was a knock on my door ten a tall muscular boy walked in i flickered my eyes open and realized that it was Calum 

"Mikayla um I'm sorry to wake u up but could u give me a towel i need a shower"

"Calum it's two in the morning"

"yeh i know i just can't sleep so i thought i would have a shower" 

"ok why can't u sleep"

"just the boys r snoring and really noisy it's not like i'm not trying"

"do u wanna sleep in here" i  then pointing towards the day bed at my window he nodded and sat on the day bed patting the cushion motioning me to join him.

"hey Mikayla i'm sorry about this whole waking u up thing just those boys were keeping me up and yeh i couldn't sleep"

"it's fine but i'm tired so i'm going to go to sleep now" i hugged him and walked to my bed he lied down and i fell asleep 


i woke up and looked at the day bed and Calum wasn't there so I walked down stairs and he was sitting on the couch with the boys watching a movie on my Netflix i walked in and sat down texting Tiana and telling her to come over and i told her the boys were still here so dress appropriately. i got up from my seat and walked back upstairs doing my makeup an throwing my black high wasted shorts and a Santa Cruz tank top I walked down stairs and flopped onto the couch next to Calum and Luke hen Calum whispered in my ear 

"nice posters by the way" i shoved his shoulder and the boys looked at us in question

''what's going on between u too" Luke said


" Mikayla has like a million posters of us in her room"

"oh i have to see this" Ashton said running up the stairs into my room next thing i know is Ashton rolling on the floor laughing his absolute ass off and soon Luke and Mikey walked up too i just gave up and bundled myself into a ball and cried i felt so stupid right now and all i could do was cry to make things worse i felt a arm wrapped around my shoulder pulling me in closer i didn't look who it was i just shoved him off and to go away leaving me here by myself the boys went back down stairs sitting on the couch soon i heard the door bell ring but i didn't go down stairs and i heard Luke get the door letting in Tiana before telling her where i was i hard her walking up my stair case straight to were i was she comforted me and convinced me that Calum didn't mean it and that he only meant it as a joke but i felt like crap as she forced me to go down stairs i felt two arms wrap around me and turn to look who it was and of course it was Calum he pulled me closer so i was hugging him soon i pulled away as he tried to explain

''it was a joke i'm sorry i was a dick about it the boys and i get it all the time i knew u were a fan and i'm sorry for being rude about everything can i make i up to u"

"and how will u make it up to me"

"can i take u out for dinner tonight it's our last night in QLD before we go home for the holidays"
"sure when"

"tonight 8 wear something a little bit more dressy than usual"

''sure ok"

"me and the boys r going to go i will pick u up at 8 i promise i won't forget and i won't mess up"

''ok Calum see u tonight"





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