Mikayla was part of a band but it wasn't well known in fact not known at all the band got a twitter account and followed there favourite bands but what they didn't expect was a follow back from 5SOS


6. goodbye

Soon after everyone woke me up they all had to go the boys to a meeting and Tiana to I don't even know where but it was cool my birthdays usually in compasses me watching TV and then hurting myself in some way and I knew this afternoon the boys were going to be driving down to Sydney for some family time I don't know why but it made me sad so I texted Calum

To CalPal

Hey hru

To ????

(Remember I don't know what my contact is on he phone cause he wouldn't tell me)

Hey I'm great packing my stuff up wbu?

To CalPal

Sad ur leaving home alone currently watching TV

To ????

On ur birthday why the meeting is over I will be there in like 20 minutes

To CalPal

Ok see u then

Realising I was still in my pjs I ran upstairs through my hair into a high pony and put my ATL shirt and a pair of high waisted black ripped shorts then put my contacts in even though my eyes r perfectly fine I wore blue contacts so my eyes look at least half decent it equaled out my huge thighs and fat stomach then I applied light amount of foundation and eye liner and my baby lips lip balm before walking down stairs and waited for another 10 minutes

10 minutes later

The door bell rang I jumped up from the couch were I had been watching spongebob and walked to the door.

"Hello Calum Hood how r u this after noon" I said trying to sound formal

"Great Thank you Mikayla Shooter"

" we don't call me by my full name it's gross"

"No it's beautiful just like u"

"Calum were just friends u can't call me beautiful plus I don't know u very well either and I know I have known ur band for ages but I don't know u as in personally"

" I understand but I'm still going to call u beautiful cause it's the truth and i want to get to know u better so I was wondering"

"What were u wondering"

" well seeing the guys and I r going to be going home today would u mind coming with us please pretty please"

" but ur going down for family time and to be with ur family before ur tour starts"

"Yeh but the boys really want u too come and so do I please Miki I beg of u I want u too come and my sister Mali wants to meet u really bad too"

" fine how long till we leave"

" and hours so go pack I will wait down here"

" nope come help me I don't know what to take u can help me"

"Ok I will help u"

We walked up the staircase and started packing before Calum started searching though my draws looking for clothes for me to take but of course he got in my freaking under wear draw.

"U can take that" he pointed at a black lacy bra and matching underwear

" um no I am not why r u in that draw any way

" well u don't have signs on the draws so it's not my fault"

I stole the underwear and bra and threw them in my bag before grabbing a swim suit which was a plain black bikini then threw a pair of thongs in my bag a few shirts and my black skinny jeans I also took my contacts case and all my makeup grabbed my phone a ear phones before walking down stairs with Calum soon the boys arrived with the car and I completely forgot to tell Tiana who wasn't in the car to be honest it's sad but we needed to go so I hoped in between Calum and Mikey and we drove off it was a really long drive about 8 hours and I ended up falling asleep letting my head rest in the crook of Calum's neck and he wrapped his arm around me and it felt right I mean I think I'm falling for him which was probably not a good Idea. When I woke up I realised one of my contacts had fallen out and I flipped out we were still in the car but it was apparently like 7:00 and we were about to stop to stay at a motel the night I tried to cover my eye but eventually gave up and took the second contact out throwing it out the window. I hope he still like me when all I am is a brown eyed fat girl but who would I started to stare at my wrists were I had scars of when I was truly depressed I used to cut and I now have to hide the scars with band bracelets and ribbons. I looked at the arm draped across me it was tanned and muscular with a tattoo with his sisters name on it and an Native American India chief .

I tried to get out from his tight grip he had but he started to laugh at me and looked down at me

" nice to see ur awake and um I have to tell u something"

"Yep and that is" I looked up at him

"Wow ur eyes r gorgeous but I thought they were blue"

"Nope contacts blue contacts to be precise cause my normal eyes r ugly and don't match and so I wanted to look the least bit pretty seeing my thighs are huge and I am fat but yeah"

"Ur eyes now r more gorgeous then before and ur not fat and ur thighs r perfect Mikayla ur beautiful"

"Thanks Calum"

"That's ok any time"

" so what u have to tell me"

" oh um we have to share a hotel room is that cool"

"Yeh that's fine how many beds r in there"

" one that's the thing"

"I like to cuddle so it's cool"

Ok guys my i pads stuffing up I had a pretty big chapter and I cut half off so sorry I will update again tommorow

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