Mikayla was part of a band but it wasn't well known in fact not known at all the band got a twitter account and followed there favourite bands but what they didn't expect was a follow back from 5SOS


4. Date

i got Tiana from downstairs and told her everything that happened and that Calum was taking me out tonight and she helped me get ready of course when it was time we hung out for most of the day and tweeted and practiced and we realized we soon had about 200 followers on twitter obviously cause the guys were following us so we just continued on practicing when i got a text from Calum 

@MikaylaJade4MOS @CalumHood hey can i pick u up at 7 instead 

@CalumHood @MikaylaJade4MOS  of course i will get ready soon and just text me i gave u my number didn't i

@MikaylaJade4MOS @CalumHood nope u didn't what is it

i gave him my number and saved his under

CalPal of course his super hero name he wouldn't tell me what he saved my name as but by the time we had finished texting one another it was 6:30 only 30 minutes from our dinner and tbh i didn't think it would be a date so i assumed it would be a friend thing so i just threw on a pair of my black ripped jeans and my Fall Out Boys muscle tank and my docs which were fancier than usual i guess oh shit i mean what if he shows up all polished and nice dressed and im just wearing this so i changed again into the black dress i wore to the party and some black lacy high heels i was also afraid this would be too much but i didn't have enough time to get another outfit so i left my hair cascade down my back in it natural form and waited for Calum to arrive about 2 minutes later the door bell rang it wasn't Calum though it was Mikey 

"what r u doing here Michael where's Calum"

"um he got me to pick u up and take u too him at the surprise destination cause the setup took longer than expected"   

"what i thought this was friendly Michael were r we going"

"um i can't say but i don't think u should wear that or the heels cause um it will be uncomfortable"

"oh ok i will be back i will just get changed"

i ran up the stairs and threw on what i had on originally and ran down the stairs nearly tripping over my own feet

"ready to go"

"as ready as i will ever be"

i got into the car where Luke and Ashton were

"what r u guys doing here"

"we didn't want to stay at the hotel alone while Michael picked u up"

"ok lets go then"

the drive was short but it felt like ages because of the guys talking non stop and i was so ready to get out of the car just before we arrived i was blind folded and when the car stopped a warm hand reached for mine i didn't know who's it was but i hope it was Calum after that the blindfold was lifted off and Calum stood in front of me  his hand still attached to mine he pulled me in for a tight hug much like the one from the day before soon the boys left and i realized where i was on some sort of lookout over a small cliff that led to a huge city below 

"it's beautiful Calum"

"Just like u "

that comment made me blush so much my face went a bright flush of crimson


hey guys thanks for reading this book so far please comment which couples u ship and follow my twitter 

@TEENWOLF20142 luv u guys peace out 

x turtlecorn


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