Mikayla was part of a band but it wasn't well known in fact not known at all the band got a twitter account and followed there favourite bands but what they didn't expect was a follow back from 5SOS


2. Cheak It Again

The band account still had no follows and It had been weeks when I finally decided we should post our first video on youtube it started like

"Hey everyone I'm Mikayla that's Tiana and that's Emma we r 4MOS we will be doing a cover of one of my personal favourites Amnesia by 5 Seconds Of Summer"

I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted

I thought about our last kiss how it felt the way u tasted

After the song had finished we ended the video and posted it none of us knew how to edit so we posted it how it was. I then jumped onto twitter and added the link to our song in a tweet and locked my phone walking towards the kitchen where our dinner was of course it was pizza my favourite

"Hey Miki 50 people have already seen the video including the official 5SOS band youtube account ahhhhhh"

"Holy shit um did they leave a comment"

"Nah but there famous why would they"

"True but omg I still can't believe it that's so so great"

"Yeh I know hey my mum wants to know if ur gonna stay tonight cause she and dad won't be home till next week and Liam was going skating with his friends and working so we have the house to do what ever u thinking what I'm thinking"


Of course she meant party I mean we were both 17 nearly 18 and we haven't had a party since Tiana's 16 which was 3 days after mine apart from that one party but we shall never talk about it ever again. I had nothing to wear and I'm not skinny enough to fit into Tiana's clothes so I intended on shopping we shopped for a while till I found the best dress it was skin tight and black and well a little to sexy but hey I could wear it on more than one occasion so I bought it Tiana bought a similar dress but It was a dark blue we walked out of the shop and got to a shoe shop i ended up not purchasing any shoes and decide to just let Tiana have fun and it probably wasn't a good Idea for me to go in the shop with her cause I ended up buying a pair of converse,vans and docs and Tiana bought the same sort of shoes we walked out and decided to get a bite to eat before we left I went to the sushi kart and Tiana walked to the frozen yogurt stand I watched as she came to the table we both weren't the girls who would go out and shop all day or but heels and dressed up for things we usually just wore black skinny jeans vans or converse and a band shirt with a sweater or hoodie when it was cold we also had a large collection of beanies and stamp backs each which we borrowed off each other on a common basis we were just about to leave the shop when a random guy basically fell all over Tiana.

He laughed at her then tried to apologise but Tiana wouldn't have it she stuck the finger at him and we walked off I couldn't help but to piss myself laughing.

"Someone's happy today" I remarked as I still laughed

"Oh yeh that was mr happy saying hello"

"What who's me happy"

"My middle finger"

"Ok lol we better go"

Bye the time we got home the party was suppose to arrive in about ten minutes I mean it wouldn't really be a party cause we only had a few friends but without even thinking within no time the party had blown up and the police were called it was fucking hillarious and me and Tiana were completely wasted.

I flopped onto the couch were I knew I was sleeping tonight and looked through my phone at all the selfies that I had posted on our twitter before I got a tweet

@4MOS @5SOS u guys did a great cover and u look great have too meet soon .

Wtf 5SOS just tweeted us I jumped up from the couch but soon fell over hitting my head awkwardly on a tile before someone started to laugh at me I knew exactly who it was and I was gonna beat the shit out of him

"Liam what's funny" I heard Tiana yell from the hallway

"Mikayla just fell over and it was piss funny"

"Leave her alone Liam she's drunk"

" so r u by the sounds of it man did I miss the party"

"Yep and it won't be happing again the po po shut us down"

"Lol ok I'm gonna go to bed I have work in the morning"

"Bye Liam"

I stood up and realised I had a headache the size of a freight train so I decided I would take some aspirin and take a cab home and I completely forgot about the tweet we had received

When I woke up the next morning my head was worse than the night before and I called for my guy best friend James to come over he's gay and Is amazing when it comes to my headaches after big nights even thought I had only had a few he gave me aspirin and made soup I soon fell asleep but I woke up with a significant amount of tweets I went onto the messages on twitter and I had received one from a few girls and a text from the fivesause boys

@4MOS @5SOS heard about the party in town we should meet

Did that seriously just happen like really they want to meet us so of course I tweeted back

@5SOS @4MOS yeh sure when and where

About 2 minutes after sending the tweet I called Tiana and told her to come over with an excited expression on my face Even tho she didn't see me she ended up coming about ten minutes later around the time I got a tweet back from 5SOS actually it wasn't the band account it was Calum's account

@CalumHood @4MOS um can u meet us at the riverlink shopping centre

I typed a replied but my cheeks were flushed with pink while I typed and I decided I would use my own account too

@MikaylaJade4MOS @CalumHood um why don't u just come to my house we don't want u guys to get mobbed by fans while ur just trying to walk around I mean and that's when I realised that Calum Hood the bassist from 5SOS was tweeting me and I was just part of a band which was based out of Ipswich Australian for fuck sake

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