Mikayla was part of a band but it wasn't well known in fact not known at all the band got a twitter account and followed there favourite bands but what they didn't expect was a follow back from 5SOS



Calum and i loaded into the car and started to drive to the movies it wasn't long until my hand moved to his and was holding it tightly our fingers intertwined and he lifted my hand kissing it.

"i had the dream last night but i didn't wake up"

"ohhh well is that good or is it bad"

"it's good it's totally good and i think it was because of u"

"did i do something or r u mad at me"

"i'm not mad at u i luv u all u have done is help me the dream wasn't bad something made it go away and i think it was u"

"ohh i'm so glad ur not mad at me cause i have to ask u something"

"what do u want to ask me"

"will u and 4MOS be our opening act"

"omg yes yes yes yes yes one million times yes"

"ok don't get so excited"

"um ok i will just keep locked inside of me the fact that i'm dating my Celebrity crush and now i'm going on tour with my favourite band"

"wait so ur not a Michael's girl i could have sworn u were"

'' Calum i have been obsessed with u since 2011 "

"ohh someones obsessed"

"hey watch it buddy other wise u can see the movie by urself"

"but i dont wanna"

"don't mess with me then boo"

"boo really ur gonna call me boo"

"no u can be called kiwi"

"kiwi really"

"yes kiwi cause its my fav fruit and ur kiwi so thats ur nickname"

"ohh thats so cute um urs will be moo or sexy"

"Calum watch it" i punched his arm

"ouch that hurt"

"oh kiwi but seriously not sexy that's not something u say in public u wouldn't walk up to me when i'm with my parents and say oh hey sexy would u?''

"i don't know probably not what about moo?"

"r u calling me fat like i'm a cow"

"omg babe no ur not fat at all ur perfect i'm sorry i wasn't thinking"

"i was joking babe don't worry hey we should tell the fans about 4MOS going on tour with u guys and"

"we need to tell them something else too"

"and what would that be"

"that um were together" he blushed

"what were not together" i said sarcastically 

"what ur breaking up with me" 

"no babe i was being sarcastic"

"oohhh ok please don't joke with me like this"

"omg i have an idea we can do a twitcam"

"yeh so we can tell them about us"

"um actually its to tell them about 4MOS going on tour with u but we can tell them that too i just dont want any hate and i know we will receive it"

"babe the fans will luv u as much as i do"


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