I was the new girl to Emerson high school. I was the school loser! That is until I made a friend her name was McKenna. She had black hair with red highlights. She wasn't into guys if you know what I mean.... I was walking out of first period and ran into this boy. "Oh I'm sorry I should have been turning on music." "What music?" "One direction." He chuckled and I looked up and it was Louis! "Oh.my.gosh." He looked at me and said " what do I have something on my face?!" I giggled and said " no." " thank the gods!" He laughed and said , " Can we be friends?" " no " his face saddened then looked up and said " best friends?" " yup!" Omg omg omg


3. meeting louis

I wear my -AC⚡️DC- t-shirt and a black skinny jeans with my black all-stars. I put some eyeliner and mascara on and go to get Ashton to drive me to school. "Drive me to school?" "Sure sis!" "Thanks!" "No problem besides I have to go too!" " oh yea"

------at school------

I was walking to meet louis and again I bumped into somebody. " oh I'm so sorry!" "It alright I should have looked up." I recognized his voice wait "Luke?" "Ye- oh hi Katie haven't seen you sense band practice awhile ago!" " yea I was gonna go to you practice tomorrow...so I'll see you then." " totally" "see ya Luke" "later" I finally saw Louis and ran up to him

K hey

L hi

K what did you want to talk to me about??

L oh um do you um wanna maybe go out with me?

K oh-

L you don't have to!

K louis I want to!

L oh ok how about tonight at 8?

K perfect

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