Sister Act

Meet Mia Potter,a girl who is bullied and goes to Hogwarts and meets a special person.What will happen? You find out!


2. 2

"Don't worry," a boy says, running up to me "She's just being a stupid Gryffindor come join us." I breathe a sigh of relief as the rest of my class filters in, likewater throw a cone, and I smile, getting to my feet as we are beckoned to a tattered old hat.


"Mia Potter," the man says, with a snowy white beard and matching hair.

Gulping nervously, I make my way to the hat, repulsed by its ancientness. It's placed on a large round table made entirely of black marble. "Hi there," the hat says as I jump in fright .

"Aaaargh!" I yell. "who are you?"


"I'm the sorting hat, obviously. How do you do?"


"Okay, thanks. Um, why are you speaking"


"It's what I do. Now let's see, an eager mind, cunning, ambitious. How about ... Slytherin!"


"Sure," I say joining the table. "Hi"


They look nice. I can't wait to meet everyone!

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