The Last Piece

A short story where obsession plays a role.


1. The beginning and the end

The last piece

Oh how I've missed the feel of your soft skin against my hand, the smell of your favourite perfume, the beauty I saw entangled in your DNA shone in your eyes. I’d visit you every day I could because I knew I made you happy. We would take walks through the woods every season, Autumn was my favourite, there’s nothing better than the cool breeze of Autumn and the changing colours of the leaves. It was enchanting, but it’s nowhere near as enchanting as your smile. It makes me feel the most beautiful pain knowing I could never be as happy as you.

You’ve changed, you’re not quite the person I fell in love with… You’re distant and not so responsive. We still take pictures together and I litter them across the walls. There wouldn’t be anyone else for me and I knew I was meant for you. You were just lost when you said you wanted to leave me, nobody could make you as happy as I did. I couldn’t let you leave. I wouldn’t let you leave.

You still look beautiful.
Yes, maybe you haven’t washed in a few weeks and the rope around you, hugging you to the chair, may be hurting you…You still look beautiful. Dust has gathered on the kitchen surfaces, I didn’t eat much anyway, and you were always worrying about your weight. The cellar may be dark but you really do liven up the place.

When we first got together people thought I was crazy, that I obsessed over you too much. I kept locks of your hair, your used Q-tips and your toothbrush; but it was all in the name of romance.

Sometimes you cry, the sweet little pearls of water trickle down your face and it makes me sad to see you like that. I’ll douse a tissue with a special liquid that’ll help you sleep, cry no more my love.

You were such a chatterbox when you first came to stay, practically screaming! I had to do something about that so I took the tongue from your mouth and now it is on display, along with my other trophies. You love all the attention, I know you do.

Please never leave me, I’ll love you ‘til the end of time.


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